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Exploring Factors Associated with Functional Change and Predictors of Participation Improvement—A Two Years Follow-Up on People with Depression

Long‐term effects of rice‐farming care on cognitive function and mental health of elderly people with cognitive impairment: a follow‐up study

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Does Fellow Participation Increase the Adenoma Detection Rate?

Impact of Fellow Participation During Colonoscopy on Adenoma Detection Rates

Effects of Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agricultural Development (ISPAAD) on the Income of Sorghum Farmers: Evidence from Kweneng District, Botswana

Dynamics of participation: System dynamics and participation—An empirical review

E‐participation opportunities and the ambiguous role of corruption: A model of municipal responsiveness to sociopolitical factors

A High School Level Health and Disease-Focused Biology Curriculum Promotes Higher Level Skills in Nutrition Literacy.

Feasibility of Family Group Conference to promote return-to-work of persons receiving work disability benefit

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Participation Improve 참여도 향상

Participation Improve 참여도 향상
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