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The Scope of Sequential Screening with Ex-Post Participation Constraints

The Operations and Design of Markets with Spatial and Incentive Considerations

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Attitudes Toward Noncompliance and the Demand for External Financing

Multitask assignments with adverse selection

Committees As Active Audiences: Reputation Concerns and Information Acquisition

Comparisons of levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity between students with intellectual disabilities and students without disabilities in different types of inclusive physical education classes: Using three dimensional accelerometers in sequential mixed method approach

Subjective Adjustments to Objective Performance Measures in Executive Annual Bonus Contracts

Outshine to Outbid: Weather-Induced Sentiment and the Housing Market

Efficiency With(out) Intermediation in Repeated Bilateral Trade

Optimal Mechanism for the Sale of a Durable Good

Sharing a River with Downstream Externalities

University Students’ Negotiation of Physical Activity and Sport Participation Constraints

Financing difficulties for SMEs and credit rationing – an expanded model of mortgage loans with asymmetric information

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Participation Constraints 참여 제약

Participation Constraints 참여 제약
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