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Virtual Marce Meeting

Gastric symptoms and low perceived maternal warmth are associated with eating disorder symptoms in young adolescent girls.

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Using Behavioral Economics to Encourage Parent Behavior Change: Opportunities to Improve Clinical Effectiveness.

Improving health, wellbeing and parenting skills in parents of children with special health care needs and medical complexity – a scoping review

A-146 Parent Responses on the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-2 Are more Reflective of Child Cognitive Functioning than Teacher Responses

Structural, spectroscopic and electrical properties of dc magnetron sputtered NiO thin films and an insight into different defect states

Visual Representation Learning with Minimal Supervision

The Quranic Treatment of Extremism

What About the Parental Response?: The Effect of Delinquency and Anger on Parental Monitoring

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Dynamic changes of activated AHR in microglia and astrocytes in the substantia nigra-striatum system in an MPTP-induced Parkinson’s disease mouse model

Optimized Power Modulation in Wave-Based Bilateral Teleoperation

Realization of high transparent conductive vanadium-doped zinc oxide thin films onto flexible PEN substrates by RF-magnetron sputtering using nanopowders targets

Quantitative analysis of the orientation of white stork nestlings’ parents from video monitoring

Self-Care Instruments to Measure Nutrition Practices in Children and Parents: Psychometric Analysis

Parent Engagement Interventions Are Not Costless: Opportunity Cost and Crowd Out of Parental Investment

Therapeutic Use of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in the Rehabilitation of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness

The terrible twos: How children cope with frustration and tantrums and the effect of maternal and paternal behaviors.

Understanding Parents’ Roles in Children’s Learning and Engagement in Informal Science Learning Sites

229 Sleep-wake behavior, meal timings and digital media duration of Indians during COVID-19 Lockdown

The Role of Family Accommodation of RRBs in Disruptive Behavior Among Children with Autism.

Structural, optical, and electrochemical investigations of sb-substituted mesoporous SnO2 nanoparticles

First-principles investigations of optoelectronic properties of ZnO$$\left( {11\overline{2}0} \right)$$ and ZnO(0001) monolayers

Investigating the Tradeoff Between Transparency and Efficiency in Semitransparent Bifacial Mesosuperstructured Solar Cells for Millimeter-Scale Applications

Optoelectronic properties of van der Waals stacked homo- and hetero-bilayers of tin-monochalcogenides: A first-principles study

An Integrated Kinematic Modeling and Experimental Approach for an Active Endoscope

Therapeutic alliance as a predictor of behavioral outcomes in a relationally focused, family-centered telehealth intervention.

Overcoming barriers in cognitive-behavioral therapy for youth anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder: Addressing parent behaviors.

Moving into tummy time, together: Touch and transitions aid parent confidence and infant development.

Effects of a parent-implemented Developmental Reciprocity Treatment Program for children with autism spectrum disorder

Evaluating climate change behaviors and concern in the family context

Effects of a Collaborative Intervention Process on Parent–Therapist Interaction: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Parent Instrumentality for Adolescent Eating and Activity.

ANYexo: A Versatile and Dynamic Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot

“But All Kids Yell at Their Parents, Don’t They?”: Social Norms About Child-to-Parent Abuse in Australia

Novel feeding and mating behaviors of a population of nautiluses, Nautilus belauensis, in Palau

Early language exposure supports later language skills in infants with and without autism

NP8 The HEROs Study Year 4: Intervention Design to Promote Healthy Eating and Activity Behaviors in Early Childhood

CORMORANT: On Implementing Risk-Aware Multi-Modal Biometric Cross-Device Authentication For Android

Maternal Depression and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Intellectual Disability

Sleep in infants and toddlers with Down syndrome compared to typically developing peers: looking beyond snoring.

Video Analysis of Parent–Child Interactions in Behavioral Sleep Disorders: Development of a Scoring Algorithm

Effects of unilateral cortical resection of the visual cortex on bilateral human white matter

Parenting Behaviors as Predictive of Early Student–Teacher Relationships in ASD

Automated sensing of daily activity: A new lens into development.

Implementation of Oral Health Screening and Referral Guidelines in Primary Health Care

Changing healthcare provider and parent behaviors in the pediatric post‐anesthesia‐care‐unit to reduce child pain: Nurse and parent training in postoperative stress

Norm-referenced scoring system for the Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire - Revised (BISQ-R).

Quantifying Molecular Forces with Serially Connected Force Sensors.

Standardized Observation Analogue Procedure in the Treatment of Severe Childhood Aggression Study.

Sex- and dose-dependent abuse liability of repeated subanesthetic ketamine in rats

Evaluating the Impact of a Mobile Neurofeedback App for Young Children at School and Home

PRISM: a brief screening tool to identify risk in parents of youth with chronic pain

Automated sensing of daily activity: A new lens into development

CORMORANT: Ubiquitous Risk-Aware Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication across Mobile Devices

Multimodal Parent Behaviors Within Joint Attention Support Sustained Attention in Infants

Association between feeding/mealtime behavior problems and internalizing/externalizing problems in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), other neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) and typically developing children.

Regulation of starvation-mediated hyperactivity and triglyceride metabolism by Short neuropeptide F and Insulin Like Peptide in Drosophila

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