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A neural mechanism of direct and observational conditioning for placebo and nocebo responses

Anticipation and violated expectation of pain are influenced by trait rumination: An fMRI study

Predictability modulates the anticipation and perception of pain in both self and others

Influence of pain anticipation on brain activity and pain perception in Gulf War Veterans with chronic musculoskeletal pain.

A Pilot Study Examining Neural Response to Pain in Adolescents With and Without Chronic Pain

Placebo-induced pain reduction is associated with inverse network coupling at rest

Gaining insights on the influence of attention, anxiety, and anticipation on pain perception

“A body in transformation”—An empirical phenomenological study about fear‐avoidance beliefs towards physical activity among persons experiencing moderate‐to‐severe rheumatic pain

Oxytocin Effects on Pain Perception and Pain Anticipation.

Somatosensory attending to the lower back is associated with response speed of movements signaling back pain

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Pain Anticipation 고통 예상

Pain Anticipation 고통 예상
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