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Temperature-Controlled Structural Variations of Meticulous Fibrous Networks of NiFe-Polymeric Zeolite Imidazolate Frameworks for Enhanced Performance in Electrocatalytic Water-Splitting Reactions.

Electrocatalytic activity and structural transformation of Ca2Sr2Mn2MO10-δ (M = Fe, Co)

Oxygen-Evolution Reaction by a Palladium Foil in the Presence of Iron.

Dendrimer-Ni-Based Material: Toward an Efficient Ni-Fe Layered Double Hydroxide for Oxygen-Evolution Reaction.

Ultra-small and highly dispersive iron oxide hydroxide as an efficient catalyst for oxidation reactions: a Swiss-army-knife catalyst

Effect of the Morphology of the High-Surface-Area Support on the Performance of the Oxygen-Evolution Reaction for Iridium Nanoparticles

Rapid oxygen storage and release with Brownmillerite-structured Ca2AlMnO5

Oxygen-evolution reactions (OER) on transition-metal-doped Fe3Co(PO4)4 iron-phosphate surfaces: a first-principles study

Structural Transformation of Heterogeneous Materials for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

A dinuclear iron complex as a precatalyst for water oxidation under alkaline conditions

Rapid Fabrication of High-Entropy Ceramic Nanomaterials for Catalytic Reactions.

Chloride Oxidation as an Alternative to the Oxygen-Evolution Reaction on HxWO3 Photoelectrodes

Decoupled electrochemical water-splitting systems: a review and perspective

Mechanistic Understanding of Water Oxidation in the Presence of a Copper Complex by In Situ Electrochemical Liquid Transmission Electron Microscopy.

Exceptionally Robust Face-Sharing Motifs Enable Efficient and Durable Water Oxidation.

Why the Optimum Thermodynamic Free-Energy Landscape of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction Reveals an Asymmetric Shape

Tailoring the surface oxygen engineering of a carbon-quantum-dot-sensitized ZnO@H-ZnO1-x multijunction toward efficient charge dynamics and photoactivity enhancement

Identifying Outstanding Transition-Metal-Alloy Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions via Subgroup Discovery

Boosting the photon absorption, exciton dissociation, and photocatalytic hydrogen- and oxygen-evolution reactions by built-in electric fields in Janus platinum dichalcogenides

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Oxygen Evolution Reaction 산소 진화 반응

Oxygen Evolution Reaction 산소 진화 반응
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