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A Bibliometric Analysis of publications in Ambio in the Last Four Decades

A bibliometric analysis of publications in Ambio in the last four decades

Comparative Analysis of MSC-Derived Exosomes Depending on Cell Culture Media for Regenerative Bioactivity.

Simulating soil erodibility in southeastern China using a sequential Gaussian algorithm

A Fast Approach to Removing Muscle Artifacts for EEG with Signal Serialization Based Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Friction Stir Welded SiC and B4C Reinforced Aluminium Alloy AA6061 Metal Matrix Composites

Evaluating the resilience of photobioreactors in response to hazardous chemicals

PIugSMART: a pluggable open-source module to implement multihop bypass in networks-on-chip

Effect of Storage and Heat Treatment of Milk Destined for Cheese Production on Its Oxidative Characteristics

Potential promotion of activated carbon supported nano zero-valent iron on anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge.

Aerogelation of Polymer-Coated Photoluminescent, Plasmonic, and Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biosensing Applications

Narrative Advertising in Destination Branding

A comprehensive review on natural bioactive films with controlled release characteristics and their applications in foods and pharmaceuticals

Prediction of failure behavior of composite hat-stiffened panels under in-plane shear using artificial neural network

In-situ recovery of on-membrane PD-SOI MOSFET from TID defects after gamma irradiation


Disidentification in modern architecture products: Edirne government mansion

Antibacterial PLGA and PCL membranes, modified by magnetron sputtering method of copper target

Characteristics and growth of Merawang Chicken in Bangka Belitung under traditional farming system

Reliability and Thermal Degradation of First-Level Thermal Interface Materials

Proceso metodológico de evaluación de la aptitud del territorio para actividades de turismo alternativo: caso de estudio Miramar-Playa Tortugas, Riviera Nayarit, México

Investigation and suppression of asymmetric modes competition in Cerenkov device by conductivity anisotropic material loading

Businessization and collaboration of the citizennon-profit sector in Japan

Up-To-Date Challenges for the Conservation, Rehabilitation and Energy Retrofitting of Higher Education Cultural Heritage Buildings

Colonization characteristics of bacterial communities on plastic debris: The localization of immigrant bacterial communities.

Fabrication and characterization of bamboo shoot cellulose/sodium alginate composite aerogels for sustained release of curcumin.

A Comprehensive Diagnosis Method of Rolling Bearing Fault Based on CEEMDAN-DFA-Improved Wavelet Threshold Function and QPSO-MPE-SVM

Estimation of original TOC using molybdenum bulk concentration: A case study of the devonian muskwa shale in the western Canada sedimentary basin

A Multi-Iteration Enhanced 2P-SMA Method for Improved Error Reduction on a WP-SAW Water Temperature and Pressure Sensor

Source and accumulation process of Jurassic biodegraded oil in the Eastern Junggar Basin, NW China

Upaya Pelestarian Topeng Warno Waskito di Diro Pendowoharjo Sewon Bantul Yogyakarta

Great Expectations: Induced pluripotent stem cell technologies in neurodevelopmental impairments

Transferable Adversarial Defense by Fusing Reconstruction Learning and Denoising Learning

The Effects of Chinese Medicine QRD, Antibiotics, and Probiotics on Therapy and Gut Microbiota in Septic Rats

An analysis of interface trap charges to improve the reliability of a charge-plasma-based nanotube tunnel FET

Transferring Plasmon Effect on a Biological System: Expression of Biological Polymers in Chronic Rejection and Inflammatory Rat Model

Developing a Multifunctional Silk Fabric with Dual-Driven Heating and Rapid Photothermal Antibacterial Abilities Using High-Yield MXene Dispersions.

Multi-Class Mobile Money Service Financial Fraud Detection by Integrating Supervised Learning with Adversarial Autoencoders

Physicochemical, sensory and microbiological characterization of Asturian Chorizo, a traditional fermented sausage manufactured in Northern Spain.

A Novel Sketch-Based Three-Dimensional Shape Retrieval Method Using Multi-View Convolutional Neural Network

On the Ambiguity of Firsts: Symbiogeny and Evolutionary Creativity

Defining Cost Functions for Adaptive JPEG Steganography at the Microscale


Changing the Gel-Forming Properties of Myofibrillar Protein by Using a Gentle Breaking Method.

Complete and Reduced Convex Bodies

Carotenoid-loaded nanocarriers: A comprehensive review.

Effects of Different Preservation Methods on Physicochemical Property of Marine Pathogen Vibrio anguillarum

Comparison between different screening strategies to determine the statistical shape model of the pelvises for implant design

Explainable Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-Sensor Data

DEA-ADALINE: an approach to improve the relative efficiency of 3PLs providers

Spatio-Temporal Vessel Trajectory Smoothing Based on Trajectory Similarity and Two-Dimensional Wavelet Transform

A New Methodology to Create Polymeric Nanocarriers Containing Hydrophilic Low Molecular-Weight Drugs: A Green Strategy Providing a Very High Drug Loading.

Molecular group system as one energy unit

Carbonization of sewage sludge as an adsorbent for organic pollutants

Mutfak Müzelerinin Sergileme Şekilleri ve Turist Rehberlerinin Etkisi: Şanlıurfa Hacıbanlar Evi Mutfak Müzesi Örneği

Novel method exploration of monitoring neutron beam using Cherenkov photons in BNCT

Aperture coupling rectangular slotted circular ring microstrip patch antenna

Image Encryption Using Pseudorandom Permutation

Color Source for the First Argentinian Flags

Cardiac magnetic resonance based ablation procedures: ready for take-off?


Civic humanism

Kernel Trick for the Cross-Section

Serratia marcescens B4A chitinase thermostability enhancement by S390I QuikChange site directed mutagenesis

Analyzing the Effects of Re-use on Interior Spaces in Ispirtohane Building, Istanbul

Quality of biodiesel produced with soybean grains stored with low temperature

From spiritualistic toward more pragmatic pattern: re-ordering Balinese houses and viability of the household traditions in tourism economy

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