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The synthesis characterization of historical novel azo pigments: implications for conservation science

Uncovering the illegible: multi-analytical approach to reveal paint stratigraphy of corroded signposts from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

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Nematode parasite eggs in pasture soils and pigs on organic farms in Sweden

Genetic but not lean grade impact on growth, carcass traits and pork quality under organic husbandry

Study on application performance of oxidized polyethylene wax in powder coatings

Polyurethane-based bionic material simulating the Vis-NIR spectrum and thermal infrared properties of vegetation

UV-protection of cellulosic fabric prints using hyperbranched polyester-stabilized titania coating

Imaging secondary reaction products at the surface of Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring by means of macroscopic X-ray powder diffraction scanning

Development of angle-independent color material using colloidal amorphous array

Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry appointed to subserve pigment identification

Tattoo inks: Characterization and in vivo and in vitro toxicological evaluation.

A Study on the Making Properties of Natural Pigments based on Substance Characteristics for Hwangto in Korea

Size control of [email protected] pigments via soft mechano-chemistry assisted non-aqueous sol-gel method and their application in ceramic glaze

The concentration and origins of carboxylic acid groups in oil paint

Synthesis and Coloration Control of α-FeOOH Rods using Closed System


IR Naked but Visibly Clothed

Deep color, heat-reflective, superhydrophobic and anti-soiling coatings with waterborne silicone emulsion

Surface enhanced Raman scattering of inorganic microcrystalline art pigments for systematic cultural heritage studies.

Inorganic pigments with transition metal chromophores at trigonal bipyramidal coordination: Y(In,Mn)O3 blues and beyond

In-situ technical study of modern paintings - Part 2: Imaging and spectroscopic analysis of zinc white in paintings from 1889 to 1940 by Alessandro Milesi (1856-1945).

Comprehensive Multi-Analytical Investigations on the Vietnamese lacquered Wall-Panel “The Return of the Hunters” by Jean Dunand

Formulation Studies for Surface Modification and Application to Cosmetics of Jadeite Powder

A new high-throughput method to make a quality control on tattoo inks.

Rational approach to synthesis low-cost BiVO4–ZnO complex inorganic pigment for energy efficient buildings

UVC photon-induced denaturing of DNA: A possible dissipative route to Archean enzyme-less replication

The grouping and assessment strategy for organic pigments (GRAPE): Scientific evidence to facilitate regulatory decision-making.

Illumination in Museums: Four-Primary White LEDs to Optimize the Protective Effect and Color Quality

On the Use of Bistre in Transparent Wood Varnishes: Analysis, Application and Reconstruction

Developing Noniridescent Structural Color on Flexible Substrates with High Bending Resistance.

Micro-XRF Investigation of Decoration Materials and Painting Techniques in Three 18th-19th Century Mosques in Berat, Albania

Personal account: Heinz Falk’s contributions to geosciences

The nanoGRAVUR framework to group (nano)materials for their occupational, consumer, environmental risks based on a harmonized set of material properties, applied to 34 case studies.

The versatile Co2+/Co3+ oxidation states in cobalt alumina spinel: how to design strong blue nanometric pigments for color electrophoretic display

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Hierarchical approach to aggregate equilibria

A Hyperspectral Microscope based on an Ultrastable Common-Path Interferometer.

Methodological approach for in situ spectroscopic analysis of modern reverse paintings on glass: A case study of Kreuzabnahme (1914/15) - an outstanding example by Carlo Mense

Four-component, white LED with good colour quality and minimum damage to traditional Chinese paintings

Colouring of Pacific barkcloths: identification of the brown, red and yellow colourants used in the decoration of historic Pacific barkcloths

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Organic Pig 유기농 돼지

Organic Pig 유기농 돼지
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