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Comparative analysis of pomegranates harvested from an organic orchard and a conventional one irrigated with treated wastewater

Consumers’ Attitude and Intention towards Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Empirical Study on Romanian Consumers

Different sales channels for different farmers: Local and mainstream marketing of organic fruits and vegetables in Norway

The influence of the production system on the composition of phytochemicals in Prunus domestica L. fruit

Determinants of Main actors’ Satisfaction with Issues Related to the Value chain of Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Spices in North Eastern Nigeria

More Organic Fruits 유기농 과일 sentence examples

A Review on the Organic and Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetable Detection Methods

Antioxidant Activity and Discrimination of Organic Apples (Malus domestica Borkh.) Cultivated in the Western Region of Romania: A DPPH· Kinetics–PCA Approach

Classification of organic and ordinary kiwifruit by chemometrics analysis of elemental fingerprint and stable isotopic ratios.

Conversion to organic farming: a dynamic opportunity for Pakistani smallholders of fresh fruit

The effects of age cues on preferences for organic food: The moderating role of message claim

Morphological and chemical analysis of peach fruits in three different farming systems

Agriculture Supported Communities: Connecting Low-income Communities with Small-scale Vegetable and Fruit Producing Farms (P04-128-19).

Acrylamide Content of Experimental Flatbreads Prepared from Potato, Quinoa, and Wheat Flours with Added Fruit and Vegetable Peels and Mushroom Powders

Solving the controversy of healthier organic fruit: Leaf wounding triggers distant gene expression response of polyphenol biosynthesis in strawberry fruit (Fragaria x ananassa)

Pengembangan Buah dan Sayur Organik Sebagai Oleh-Oleh Wisata Daerah Pegunungan

Effects of organic and conventional farming on the physicochemical and functional properties of jujube fruit

The effect of organic and conventional farm management on the allergenic potency and bioactive compounds status of apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.).

Effect of Dipping and Vacuum Impregnation Pretreatments on the Quality of Frozen Apples: A Comparative Study on Organic and Conventional Fruits.

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Organic Fruits 유기농 과일

Organic Fruits 유기농 과일
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