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Applying NMR T2 Spectral Parameters in Pore Structure Evaluation—An Example from an Eocene Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoir

Development and Identification of Petrophysical Rock Types for Effective Reservoir Characterization: Case Study of the Kristine Field, Offshore Sabah

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Iron and magnesium isotope systematics from the Shuangwang gold deposit in the Qinling Orogen, central China

Fluid diversity in the gold-endowed Archean orogenic systems of the Abitibi greenstone belt (Canada) I: Constraining the PTX of prolonged hydrothermal systems

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Formation of giant gold provinces by subduction-induced reactivation of fossilized, metasomatized continental lithospheric mantle in the North China Craton

Porphyry Molybdenum Prospectivity in the Zhongdian Arc, SW China: Use of Singularity and Factor Analyses for Resource Assessment

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Cross-habitat access modifies the ‘trophic relay’ in New England saltmarsh ecosystems

EpiRust: Towards A Framework For Large-scale Agent-based Epidemiological Simulations Using Rust Language

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Definite and indeterminate nonalcoholic steatohepatitis share similar clinical features and prognosis: A longitudinal study of 1893 biopsy‐proven nonalcoholic fatty liver disease subjects

Risk Stratification For and Use of DOAC Therapies for Stroke Prevention in Patient with Atrial Fibrillation

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PEW: Prediction-Based Early Dark Cores Wake-up Using Online Ridge Regression for Many-Core Systems

Examining Cache Handling of the FIVE Method on Multicore Systems

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Longevity Framework: Leveraging Online Integrated Aging-Aware Hierarchical Mapping and VF-Selection for Lifetime Reliability Optimization in Manycore Processors

PROWAVES: Proactive Runtime Wavelength Selection for Energy-Efficient Photonic NoCs

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Secure Pull Printing with QR Codes and National eID Cards: A Software-oriented Design and an Open-source Implementation

An industrial IoT sensor system for high-temperature measurement

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Brief Industry Paper: Digital Twin for Dependable Multi-Core Real-Time Systems — Requirements and Open Challenges

Power Management of Monolithic 3D Manycore Chips with Inter-tier Process Variations

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Introduction of Special Issue on Hardware and Algorithms for Efficient Machine Learning–Part 1

An integrated workflow to characterize lower Eagle Ford shale for hydrocarbon gas huff-n-puff simulation

CAD/CAM Milled Glass Fiber Posts: Adaptation and Mechanical Behavior in Flared Root Canals.

Mangled extremity- Modern concepts in treatment.

Metal mining impacts on social ecological systems in boreal and Arctic regions.

Nervion: a cloud native RAN emulator for scalable and flexible mobile core evaluation

Contention-Aware Routing for Thermal-Reliable Optical Networks-on-Chip

Performance Investigation of NOMA versus OMA Techniques for mmWave Massive MIMO Communications

A Nomogram for Predicting Hospital Mortality in Intensive Care Unit Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

TARTS: A Temperature-Aware Real-Time Deadline-Partitioned Fair Scheduler

Comparison of underwater with conventional pumped hydro-energy storage systems

Effects of Multi-Core Processors on Sequential Divide and Conquer Algorithms

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A parallel, object-oriented framework for unsteady free-wake analysis of multi-rotor/wing systems

Cybernetics, Complexity, and the Challenges to the Realization of the Internet-of-Things

Prediction Scores for Any-Stage and Stage-3 Acute Kidney Injury After Adult Cardiac Surgery in a Chinese Population.

Synthesis of self-adaptable energy aware software for heterogeneous multicore embedded systems

A Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Cybersecurity Testbed for Power Electronics Devices and Systems in Cyber-Physical Environments

Opportunities in Measuring Multiscale Pore Structure of the Continental Shale of the Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin, China

Progress towards accelerating the unified model on hybrid multi-core systems

Enhanced thermal performance of phase-change materials supported by mesoporous silica modified with polydopamine/nano-metal particles for thermal energy storage

Cardiovascular risk stratification by coronary computed tomography angiography imaging: current state-of-the-art.

Vibrio neptunius Produces Piscibactin and Amphibactin and Both Siderophores Contribute Significantly to Virulence for Clams

Growing Upward [music video by Rupa & the April Fishes]

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Effects of lithofacies on pore system evolution of storm-wave silt-rich fine-grained sediments. Early Silurian Qusaiba Member (Qaliba Formation), NW Saudi Arabia

Octans: Optimal Placement of Service Function Chains in Many-Core Systems

Impact of Z score system on the management of coronary artery lesions in Kawasaki disease.

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Characterization of Nanoporous Materials.

NetCausality: A time-delayed neural network tool for causality detection and analysis

Malunited calcaneal fracture: the role and technique of osteotomy—a systematic review

CaDRoP: Cost Optimized Convergent Causal Consistency in Social Network Systems

Metal mining impacts on social ecological systems in boreal and Arctic regions.

Empirical power consumption characterization and energy aware scheduling in data centers

Affinity-Based Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multicore Systems Using CBS and QBICTM

FastUDP: a highly scalable user-level UDP framework in multi-core systems for fast packet I/O

Topology and hydraulic permeability estimation of explosively created fractures through regular cylindrical pore network models

Computing integrals for electron molecule scattering on heterogeneous accelerator systems

Fragment Diabatization Linear Vibronic Coupling Model for Quantum Dynamics of Multichromophoric Systems: Population of the Charge-Transfer State in the Photoexcited Guanine-Cytosine Pair.

READY: Reliability- and Deadline-Aware Power-Budgeting for Heterogeneous Multicore Systems

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Multi-Core Power Management through Deep Reinforcement Learning

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Modeling of gyroidal mesoporous CMK-8 and CMK-9 carbon nanostructures and their X-Ray diffraction patterns

Diagenetic facies prediction using a LDA-assisted SSOM method for the Eocene beach-bar sandstones of Dongying Depression, East China

Risk stratification scores for hospitalization duration and disease progression in moderate and severe patients with COVID-19

The Hydro, Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Generation and Balancing Energy Supply-Demand for Seyemtribua Rural Village in Northern Ethiopia

Tolerating Permanent Faults with Low-Energy Overhead in Multicore Mixed-Criticality Systems

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Ore Systems 광석 시스템

Ore Systems 광석 시스템
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