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Linear Global Temperature Correlation to Carbon Dioxide Level, Sea Level, and Innovative Solutions to a Projected 6°C Warming by 2100

Proof-of-Work (PoW) Blockchain Network and Its Viability as a Payment System

Oral Feedback sentence examples within oral feedback practice

Oral Interactions in Secondary Science Classrooms: a Grounded Approach to Identifying Oral Feedback Types and Practices

Feedback in action: Examining teachers’ oral feedback to elementary writers

Oral Feedback sentence examples within oral feedback monitoring

Prefrontal deep projection neurons enable cognitive flexibility via persistent feedback monitoring

Prefrontal deep projection neurons enable cognitive flexibility via persistent feedback monitoring

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Transactional Distance Theory and Compulsory Switching to Remote Teaching due to pandemic in Georgia

Interfacing Hearing Implants with the Brain: Closing the Loop with Intracochlear Brain Recordings

Organisational and environmental indicators of B2B sales performance

Efficacy of a Just-in-Time Adaptive Intervention to Promote HIV Risk Reduction Behaviors Among Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Integrating adaptation dynamics in drought risk modelling: The case of smallholder farmers in Kitui

Students’ Perspectives as Providers and Receivers of Peer Formative Feedback on Writing

Effects of multi-scale heterogeneity on the simulated evolution of ice-rich permafrost lowlands under a warming climate

Managing Travellers’ Predicted Future Travel Behaviour in a post-COVID-19 World: A Tourism Supplier Perspective

Implementing Teacher Written Feedback and Oral Writing Conference

Compound Drought-Flood Events in Fragile Contexts: Examples from the Horn of Africa

The locus of written corrective feedback in various SLA theories

An Analysis of Teachers’ Oral Feedback in EFL Classroom Interaction at SMP Negeri 10 Batam

Nationwide audit and feedback on implementation of antibiotic stewardship programmes in Norwegian hospitals

Unilateral vocal nerve resection alters neurogenesis in the avian song system in a region-specific manner

Actionable Principles for Artificial Intelligence Policy: Three Pathways

Norwegian students’ experiences of homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic

“Commenting on your work is a waste of time only!”: An appraisal-based study of evaluative language in supervisory feedback

Exploring ESL Teachers’ Insights on Corrective Oral Feedback in a Malaysian Secondary Education Context

Spectral features of cortical auditory evoked potentials inform hearing threshold and intensity percepts in acoustic and electric hearing

Oral Versus Written Feedback: Attitudes of Female Saudi University Students

A Comparative Investigation of the Impact of Effective Online Teaching Strategies Practiced during Corona Pandemic in Ensuring Sustainable Pedagogy

Agent-Based Modeling for Evaluation of Crop Pattern and Water Management Policies

Involving ophthalmology departmental stakeholders in developing workplace-based assessment tools.

Analysis of Teacher-written Corrective Feedback in Second Language Writing Pedagogy in Secondary Schools, Bulilima, Zimbabwe

Maintenance of physical activity and sedentary behavior change, and physical activity and sedentary behavior change after an abridged intervention: Secondary outcomes from the ACTIVATE Trial

A randomized controlled trial of a wearable technology‐based intervention for increasing moderate to vigorous physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior in breast cancer survivors: The ACTIVATE Trial

Adults’ Preferences for Behavior Change Techniques and Engagement Features in a Mobile App to Promote 24-Hour Movement Behaviors: Cross-Sectional Survey Study

Clinical practice guidelines for rehabilitation in traumatic brain injury: a critical appraisal

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Serotonin and sleep

Effectiveness of Instructors’ and Peers’ Oral Feedback on the Accuracy of English Writing: A Study of Pakistani ESL Undergraduate Learners

Applicability of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation interventions in natural disaster settings

Systems Thinking Using SSM and TRIZ for Stakeholder Engagement in Infrastructure Megaprojects

Specific feedback makes medical students better communicators

Simulated employment interviews: A collaborative approach to gaining understanding of the graduate midwife employment process.

Estimating Indoor Behavior Using Sensor Fusion with BLE Beacons and Wearable Devices for Information Presentation

824-P: Ecological Momentary Assessment of Diabetes Self-Management: A Systematic Review of Methods and Procedures

A multiscale analysis of social-ecological system robustness and vulnerability in Cornwall, UK


Reaching Out to Big Losers: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Brief Motivational Contact Providing Gambling Expenditure Feedback

Do you read me? Including personalized behavioral feedback in pop-up messages does not enhance limit adherence among gamblers

Did the four-year extended programme make a difference towards the success rate of the engineering faculty?


Web-Based Module for the Collection of Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes in People Living With HIV in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France: Usability Evaluation

Taking the sting out of assessment: The experiences of trainee teachers experimenting with innovative alternative performance assessment in the History classroom

There Is No Solution!: “Wicked Problems” in Digital Games

Examining the Use of Glucose and Physical Activity Self-Monitoring Technologies in Individuals at Moderate to High Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes: Randomized Trial

Dynamics of nonlinear oscillator with transient feedback

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Role of Peptides, Biogenic Amines and Hypothalamic Drive in Dietary-Induced Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

To do or not to do with feedback. A study of undergraduate students’ engagement and use of feedback within a portfolio assessment design

Visualizing social support in home pediatric palliative care using network maps

The practice of modularized curriculum in higher education institution: Active learning and continuous assessment in focus

ThermalBracelet: Exploring Thermal Haptic Feedback Around the Wrist

Decreased Temporal Sensorimotor Adaptation Due to Perturbation-Induced Measurement Noise

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Oral Feedback 구두 피드백

Oral Feedback 구두 피드백
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