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Trajectory-based traffic management inside an autonomous vehicle zone

Dynamic Surveillance by Multiple Agents with Fuel Constraints

Optimal Trajectories sentence examples within Compute Optimal Trajectories

Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization for Dynamic Object Manipulation

Reliable motion planning for parallel manipulators

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Cooperative Navigation Based on Cross Entropy: Dual Leaders

Optimal Trajectory Generation for Autonomous Vehicles Under Centripetal Acceleration Constraints for In-lane Driving Scenarios

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Case Study: Networked Control for Optimal Maneuvering of Autonomous Vessels

Roboat: An Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Urban Waterways

A New High Performance Control Strategy of Mobile Manipulator using Fuzzy-Flatness Approach with Gains Adjustment in Real Time

Method of Optimizing Maneuvers of an Orbital Transfer Vehicle in a Strong Central Field of Gravity

A Vision-Based Navigation System for Perching Aircraft

Dynamic optimization of methanol synthesis section in the dual type configuration to increase methanol production

Optimal Maneuvers with Bounded Inputs

Netted Multi-Function Radars Positioning and Modes Selection by Non-Holonomic Fast Marching Computation of Highest Threatening Trajectories & by CMA-ES Optimization

Identification of Hammerstein-Weiner models for nonlinear MPC from infrequent measurements in batch processes

Online near time-optimal trajectory planning for industrial robots

Energy-Optimized Trajectory Planning for High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Aircraft

Optimal autonomous multirotor motion planning in an obstructed environment

Trajectory Design for a Solar Sail Mission to Asteroid 2016 HO3

Minimizing data collection latency with unmanned aerial vehicle in wireless sensor networks

Optimal Synthesis in a Model Problem with Two-Dimensional Control Lying in an Arbitrary Convex Set

Planning trigonometric frequency central pattern generator trajectory for cyclic tasks of robot manipulators

The Geometry of Big Queues

Optimal time Quadcopter Descent Trajectories Avoiding the Vortex Ring and Autorotation States

Energy Optimal Trajectory Planning for Electrically Driven Railway Vehicles with Particle Swarm optimization

Euler Elasticas for Optimal Control of the Motion of Mobile Wheeled Robots: the Problem of Experimental Realization

Learning the optimal state-feedback via supervised imitation learning

Effects of 3D Antenna Radiation and Two-Hop Relaying on Optimal UAV Trajectory in Cellular Networks

Spline-Based Trajectory Generation for CNC Machines

Optimal Robot Motion Planning of Redundant Robots in Machining and Additive Manufacturing Applications

Finding the optimal mix of smoking initiation and cessation interventions to reduce smoking prevalence

A Trajectory Planning-Based Energy-Optimal Method for an EMVT System

Optimal Trajectory in ℝ2 under Observation

Path Optimization with Machine-Learning Based Prediction for Wireless Sensor Networks

Multiplayer Pursuit-Evasion Games in Three-Dimensional Flow Fields

Minimal time crisis versus minimum time to reach a viability kernel: A case study in the prey‐predator model

Model for Determining the Optimal Trajectory of Movement of Consignments

A Decentralized Control Framework for Energy-Optimal Goal Assignment and Trajectory Generation

Conditions for Improving the Computational Efficiency of Decentralized Optimal Merging Controllers for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Multiaircraft Optimal 4D Trajectory Planning Using Logical Constraints

An Algorithm for Determining Optimal and Suboptimal Trajectories of the Development of a System

Development of a novel frameless skull-mounted ball-joint guide array for use in image-guided neurosurgery.

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Optimal Trajectories 최적의 궤적

Optimal Trajectories 최적의 궤적
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