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Optical Structure sentence examples within magneto optical trap

Chip-Scale Laser-Cooling Atoms based on Diffractive Optical Elements

Optical Structure sentence examples within leaf area index

Optimization of multi-source UAV RS agro-monitoring schemes designed for field-scale crop phenotyping

Optical Structure sentence examples within Simple Optical Structure

Chip-Scale Laser-Cooling Atoms based on Diffractive Optical Elements

Single-emission dual-enzyme magnetosensor for multiplex immunofluorometric assay of adulterated colorants in chili seasoning.

Optical Structure sentence examples within Integrated Optical Structure

Tunable single-mode bandpass filter based on metal–insulator–metal plasmonic coupled U-shaped cavities

Design of an Integrated Optics Sensor Structure Based on Diamond Waveguide for Hemoglobin Property Detection

Optical Structure sentence examples within Complex Optical Structure

Quantitative Analysis of Fluorescence Detection Using a Smartphone Camera for a PCR Chip

FPGA-based digital chaotic anti-interference lidar system.

Optical Structure sentence examples within Multilayer Optical Structure

Design of multi-passband polymer multilayer film and its application in photovoltaic agriculture

Novel synthesis and design methods of optical thin film structures using vanadium dioxide phase change material

Optical Structure sentence examples within Periodic Optical Structure

Designing plasmonic nanoparticle lattices for directional, in-plane lasing

Identification of Brillouin Zones by In-Plane Lasing from Light-Cone Surface Lattice Resonances.

Optical Structure sentence examples within Passive Optical Structure

Bio-Organic Chiral Nematic Materials with Adaptive Light Emission and On-Demand Handedness.

Microwave Photonic ICs for 25 Gb/s Optical Link Based on SiGe BiCMOS Technology

Optical Structure sentence examples within Unique Optical Structure

A Novel Multiplex Mycotoxin Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Immunoassay Using Functional Gold Nanotags on a Silica Photonic Crystal Microsphere Biochip.

Ultra-Narrow Metallic Nano-Trenches Realized by Wet Etching and Critical Point Drying

Optical Structure sentence examples within Sensitive Optical Structure

Vibrant reflective sensors with percolation film Fabry-Pérot nanocavities.

Mechanical Design and Structural Analysis for Lower Port Optics of ITER Divertor Impurity Monitor

Optical Structure sentence examples within Similar Optical Structure

Visible wide-angle view imaging system for the first plasma on the HL-2M tokamak.

Structure optimization of carbon fiber reflective mirror by response surface

Optical Structure sentence examples within Symmetric Optical Structure

Direction-dependent lasing under dynamic parity-time symmetry (Conference Presentation) (Withdrawal Notice)

Unidirectional Reflectionless Transmission for Two-Dimensional $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric Periodic Structures.

Optical Structure sentence examples within Attractive Optical Structure

Resonant Subwavelength and Nano-Scale Grating Structures for Biosensing Application: A Comparative Study

Extreme Multiexciton Emission from Deterministically Assembled Single Emitter Subwavelength Plasmonic Patch Antenna

Optical Structure sentence examples within Chip Optical Structure

Controlling excitons in 2D heterostructures and plasmonic devices

A Method for Improving Reflection Tolerance of Laser Source in Hybrid Photonic Packaged Micro-System

Optical Structure sentence examples within Create Optical Structure

PixClear TiO2 titania nanocomposites for high refractive index films

Design of metamaterial structures for manufacturing piezoelements and optical structures with the necessary characteristics

Optical Structure sentence examples within Variou Optical Structure

Interfacing photonics with artificial intelligence: an innovative design strategy for photonic structures and devices based on artificial neural networks

Generation and manipulation for high-order catastrophe swallowtail beams

Optical Structure sentence examples within Optimized Optical Structure

A Sample-to-Answer Compact Optical System for On-Site Detection of Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus

Optical solitons generated by a symbiotic organism search algorithm

Optical Structure sentence examples within Nonlinear Optical Structure

Nonlinear quantum photonics on graphene/silicons heterostructures

Nonlinear Talbot self-healing in periodically poled LiNbO 3 crystal [Invited]

Optical Structure sentence examples within Matched Optical Structure

An improved PMDI-TDM structure for remotely interrogated optical fiber hydrophone arrays

Lattice-matched III-nitride structures comprising BAlN, BGaN, and AlGaN for ultraviolet applications

Optical Structure sentence examples within Nano Optical Structure

Friction-Induced Nanofabrication: A Review

A Nanoscale Structure Based on a Ring With Matchstick-Shape Cavity for Glucose Concentration and Temperature Detection

Optical Structure sentence examples within Scale Optical Structure

Parametric control of a diffractive axicon beam rider.

A new auroral phenomenon, the anti-black aurora

Optical Structure sentence examples within optical structure design

A Comprehensive Study of Optical Fiber Acoustic Sensing

Influences of Optical Factors on the Performance of the Solar Furnace

A structural bamboo-like microfiber grating fabricated by one-step-tapering fiber preform

Tailoring multi-singularity structure induced by a focused radially polarized beam.

Methodology for the analysis of a thermo-mechanically deformed optical system

Piston Error Evaluation and Correction for Multi-aperture Imaging System

Disorder-Induced Material-Insensitive Optical Response in Plasmonic Nanostructures: Vibrant Structural Colors from Noble Metals.

Highly flexible and stable perovskite/microbead hybrid photodetectors with improved interfacial light trapping

Perception on aggregation induced multicolor emission and emission centers in carbon nanodots using successive dilution, anion exchange chromatography, and multi-way statistics

Highly Efficient and Compact Silicon based Novel Michelson Interferometer Modulator

Process-controllable modulation of plasmon-induced transparency in terahertz metamaterials

Fluorescence Enhancement Utilizing Dielectric Microbeads with Semi-open Microwells

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Формирование и оптические свойства нанорешеток на поверхности фторида кальция, генерируемых при фемтосекундном лазерном воздействии

Surface-Scanning Raman Characterization of Dark Materials Based on a Digital Mirror Device (DMD)

Low-reflective wire-grid polariser sheet in the visible region fabricated by a nanoprinting process

Impact of Submesoscale Eddies on the Transport of Suspended Matter in the Coastal Zone of Crimea Based on Drone, Satellite, and In Situ Measurement Data

Lab-on-a-foil devices with integrated retro-reflective structures for multiplexed DNA testing

Enhancing the stability of polymer nanostructures via ultrathin oxide coatings for nano-optical device applications

A Simple and All-Optical Microwave Doppler Frequency Shift and Phase Measurement System Based on Sagnac Loop and I/Q Detection

Impact of surface and laser-induced noise on the spectral stability of implanted nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Lead Free Double Perovsites Halides X2AgTlCl6 (X = Rb, Cs) for solar cells and renewable energy applications

Trace CH4 Gas Detection Based on an Integrated Spherical Photoacoustic Cell