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Optical Modulators sentence examples within Speed Optical Modulators

Single-step etched grating couplers for silicon nitride loaded lithium niobate on insulator platform

A Barium Titanate-on-Oxide Insulator Optoelectronics Platform.

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Integrated Optical Modulators

Modelling of Integrated Optical Modulator using Ring Resonator with Graphene assisted SOI Ridge waveguide

Silicon on-chip Electro-optic Modulation With Ito Film Stacks

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Silicon Optical Modulators

Heterogeneously-Integrated Optical Phase Shifters for Next-Generation Modulators and Switches on a Silicon Photonics Platform: A Review

Carrier depletion type PIN phase shifter in silicon MZM for 200 Gbps operation

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Zehnder Optical Modulators

Graphene-Based BPSK and QPSK Modulators Working at A Very High Bit Rate (Up Tbps Range)

Graphene-based BPSK and QPSK modulators working at a very high bit rate (up Tbps range)

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Different Optical Modulators

SOA-based Optical Fiber Loop for Optical Frequency Comb Generation Using Different Modulation Approaches

Downlink High Quality 72 GHz Millimeter

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Compact Optical Modulators

Slow light enabled high-modulation-depth graphene modulator with plasmonic metasurfaces.

Silicon waveguide optical modulator driven by metal-insulator transition of vanadium dioxide cladding layer.

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Infrared Optical Modulators

Electro-absorption modulation in GeSn alloys for wide-spectrum mid-infrared applications

Physical vapor deposition of large-scale PbSe films and its applications in pulsed fiber lasers

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Fast Optical Modulators

Nonlinear Absorption Properties of Cr2Ge2Te6 and Its Application as an Ultra-Fast Optical Modulator

Second-Harmonic Generation in Lithium Niobate Metasurfaces

Optical Modulators sentence examples within Performance Optical Modulators

Spatial Control of Dynamic p-i-n Junctions in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Light-Emitting Devices.

Design Optimization of Silicon and Lithium Niobate Hybrid Integrated Traveling-Wave Mach-Zehnder Modulator

Optical Modulators sentence examples within optical modulators consisting

W-band optical modulators using organic EO polymer waveguides and patch antenna arrays

Silicon waveguide optical modulator driven by metal-insulator transition of vanadium dioxide cladding layer.

Optical Properties of Single Crystals

Oxide Saturable Absorbers for Robust Femtosecond Pulse Generation

Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Behavior of an Amide-Tricarboxylate Zinc(II) Metal-Organic Framework with Two-Fold 3D+3D Interpenetration.

Controlling polymorphism of metal-organic frameworks

Polarization-insensitive optical modulators based on single ENZ-graphene layers

Dual Lens Electron Holography, Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM), Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) Comparison for Semiconductor 2-D Junction Characterization

Compact all-fiber thermo-optic modulator based on a Michelson interferometer coated with NaNdF4 nanoparticles.

Active Suppression of Piezoelectric Ringing in Pockels Cells for Laser Cavity Application

Tunable quantum two-photon interference with reconfigurable metasurfaces using phase-change materials.

Electrically Tuning Characteristics of LC Selectively Infiltrated PCF Sagnac Interferometer

Tunable wave plates based on phase-change metasurfaces.

Lithium niobate photonic devices

Probabilistically Shaped 4-PAM for Short-Reach IM/DD Links With a Peak Power Constraint

Accurate Power-Efficient Format-Scalable Multi-Parallel Optical Digital-to-Analogue Conversion

Recent development of saturable absorbers for ultrafast lasers [Invited]

Folded Heterogeneous Silicon and Lithium Niobate Mach–Zehnder Modulators with Low Drive Voltage

Integrated photonics on thin-film lithium niobate

More Optical Modulators 광 변조기 sentence examples

Analyzing the BER and optical fiber length performances in OFDM RoF links

Precise Optical Modulation and Its Application to Optoelectronic Device Measurement

Investigating microwave loss of SiGe using superconducting transmon qubits

Theoretical Investigation of Pulse Temporal Compression by Graphene-Silicon Hybrid Waveguide

A Wide-Angle, Enhanced Oblique Incidence, Bend-Able Metamaterial Absorber Employed in Visible Region With a Sun Shape Resonator

Active and Quantum Integrated Photonic Elements by Ion Exchange in Glass

Folded thin-film lithium niobate modulator based on a poled Mach-Zehnder interferometer structure.

Multiple Fano resonances excitation on all-dielectric nanohole arrays metasurfaces.

Ground and first five low-lying excited states related optical absorption in In.1Ga.9N/GaN double quantum wells: Temperature and coupling impacts

Towards a Rationalization of Ultrafast Laser-Induced Crystallization in Lithium Niobium Borosilicate Glasses: The Key Role of the Scanning Speed

Multiple Modes-Induced Multi-Pair Cross-Phase Modulation Instability in the Deep Normal Dispersion Regime of a Tellurite High Birefringence Microstructured Optical Fiber

Multifunctional and reconfigurable graphene/liquid crystal-assisted asymmetrical Fabry-Pérot cavity for reflected light control.

Symmetry-protected bound state in the continuum in the metasurface of dielectric nanodisk with the inclined surface

Light-driven Locomotion of Underwater Bubbles on Ultrarobust Paraffin-impregnated Laser-ablated Fe3O4-doped Slippery Surfaces.

Tunable dual-band and high-quality-factor perfect absorption based on VO2-assisted metasurfaces.

All-optical modulation based on MoS2-Plasmonic nanoslit hybrid structures

Submicron periodical poling by local switching in ion sliced lithium niobate thin films with a dielectric layer

Miniaturized optical rotation detection system based on liquid crystal variable retarder in a K-Rb-21Ne gyroscope.

Spatial and Temporal Nanoscale Plasmonic Heating Quantified by Thermoreflectance.

Ultrafast All-Optical Modulation in 2D Hybrid Perovskites.

All-Optical Control of Light in Micro- and Nanophotonics

InP membrane lasers and active-passive integration

Acousto-optical modulation of thin film lithium niobate waveguide devices

Anisotropic Enhancement of Second-Harmonic Generation in Monolayer and Bilayer MoS2 by Integrating with TiO2 Nanowires.

InAs-Nanowire-based Broadband Ultrafast Optical Switch.

Two-dimensional tellurium-polymer membrane for ultrafast photonics.

More Optical Modulators 광 변조기 sentence examples

Graphene Based Optical Interconnects

Hot electrons modulation of third harmonic generation in graphene

Picosecond Optical Switching in Silicon Photonics Using Phase-Changing Vanadium Dioxide