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Analytical tolerancing of segmented telescope co-phasing for exo-Earth high-contrast imaging

DEUCE: a sounding-rocket ultraviolet spectrograph for flux-calibrated B star observations across the Lyman limit

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On the application of an optimized Frequency-Phase Modulated waveform for enhanced infrared thermal wave radar imaging of composites

Novel discrete frequency-phase modulated excitation waveform for enhanced depth resolvability of thermal wave radar

“Where does that module live?” The difficulty of extending SOSA into smaller, expendable applications

Assessment of the Utility of a Vascular Early Warning System Device in the Assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Patients with Diabetes and Incompressible Vessels.

Slew-to-Cue Electro-Optical and Infrared Sensor Network for small UAS Detection, Tracking and Identification

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Optical Infrared 광학적외선

Optical Infrared 광학적외선
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