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Modeling Crime in an Uptown Neighborhood: The Case of Santa Fe in Mexico City

Cyberbullying on Social Networking Sites: The Crime Opportunity and Affordance Perspectives

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Linking organizational green training and voluntary workplace green behavior: Mediating role of green supporting climate and employees’ green satisfaction

Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Human Resources Management, and Sustainable Performance: Is Organizational Citizenship Behavior towards Environment the Missing Link?

Greening the hospitality industry: How do green human resource management practices influence organizational citizenship behavior in hotels? A mixed-methods study

Menopausal Hormone Therapy to Prevent Chronic Conditions

Dynamics of Content Contributors’ Performance: Evidence from a Social Question-and-Answer Community

Perception of ability-motivation-opportunity oriented HRM practices and organizational commitment: The role of task uncertainty

Lean production and organisational performance: moderating roles of ability- and motivation-focused human resource management

Secure Formation Communication Method Based on the Opportunity Theory

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Opportunity Theory 기회론

Opportunity Theory 기회론
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