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Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Political Opportunity Structures

Analysing how crises shape mass and elite preferences and behaviour in the European Union

Mining struggles in Argentina. The keys of a successful story of mobilisation

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Discursive Opportunity Structures

Explaining Long-Distance Nationalism

Exploiting a Crisis: Abortion Activism and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Different Opportunity Structures

Care Work and Parenting

Gendered and classed experiences of work–family conflict among lone mothers in Sweden

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Institutional Opportunity Structures

Navigating to the Top in an Egalitarian Welfare State: Institutional Opportunity Structures of Second-generation Social Mobility

Advancing Applied Research in Conservation Criminology Through the Evaluation of Corruption Prevention, Enhancing Compliance, and Reducing Recidivism

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Domestic Opportunity Structures

Civil society and global governance: Exploring transscalar connections

Conclusion: Populism, Foreign Policy, and World Politics

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Favorable Opportunity Structures

Event-, Politics-, and Audience-Driven News

Favorable Opportunity Structures for Populist Communication: Comparing Different Types of Politicians and Issues in Social Media, Television and the Press

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Local Opportunity Structures

Ethnic Disparities in Neighbourhood Selection: Understanding the Role of Income

Migrant economies: opportunity structures and potential in different city types

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within New Opportunity Structures

The maturing moral perception of crime: The development of moral correspondence and its association with emerging adults’ delinquent involvement

Zum Wandel der wissenschaftlichen Wissensproduktion durch Big Data: Welche Rolle spielt Citizen Science?

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within Economic Opportunity Structures

Moralising Markets, Marketizing Morality. The Fair Trade Movement, Product Labeling and the Emergence of Ethical Consumerism in Europe


Opportunity Structures sentence examples within opportunity structures available

Showcasing Environmental Justice Movements from the South: Comparing the Role of Media in Bangladesh

Love and Sexuality in Later Life: What Your Grandparents are not Telling You

Opportunity Structures sentence examples within opportunity structures existing

Public administration, legal culture, and empirical research: Residential policies for the Sinti in Venice

The sources of academic localism and globalism in Russian sociology: The choice of professional ideologies and occupational niches among social scientists

Negotiating Legitimacy: Binational Couples in the Face of Immigration Bureaucracy in Belgium and Italy

From Arms to Trees: Opportunity Costs and Path Dependence and the Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff

Using critical media literacy and youth-led research to promote the sociopolitical development of Black youth: Strategies from “Our Voices”

Resistance as a form of resilience in sexual and gender minorities: Differential moderating roles of collective action on the discrimination-depression relationship among sexual minority men and women.

Mobility during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Data-Driven Time-Geographic Analysis of Health-Induced Mobility Changes

Bargaining for gender equality in Aotearoa New Zealand: Flexible work arrangements in collective agreements, 2007–2019

Coresidence with kin and subjective well-being in the transition to adulthood: A comparison of the United States, Germany, Japan and China

A Delphi Study of Socio-Cognitive Predictors of Career Choice Behavior in the Construction Industry in South Africa

Conclusions: Parenting in Times of Prevailing Inequalities

Using crime script analysis to elucidate the details of Amur tiger poaching in the Russian Far East

Criminal mobility of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia

Troubled kids? Locational disadvantage, opportunity structures and social exclusion

Beyond necessity: Hezbollah and the intersection of state-sponsored terrorism with organised crime


Levels of intersecting temporalities in young men’s orientation to the future. A cross-national case comparison

Ethnic groups, urban places, and retail enterprise: the United States, 1900

An Opportunity Structure for Terrorism: Moderate Leadership Departures in Nationalist Movements

IFAD RESEARCH SERIES 47 Landscapes of Rural Youth Opportunity

6 Demography of Race and Ethnicity

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