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The Influence of Entrepreneurial Environment and Entrepreneurial Cognitive Capital on Youth Entrepreneurial Motivation: Take Shenzhen as an Example

El factor institucional en el emprendimiento por oportunidad de América Latina y el Caribe

Opportunity Motivation and Growth Aspirations of Mexican Entrepreneurs: The Moderating Role of the Household Income

Competitiveness and entrepreneurship rate in Europe during the economic recovery phase, 2012–2016

Socio-cognitive traits and entrepreneurship: The moderating role of economic institutions

The Effect of Property Rights on Entrepreneurship:Evidence from Some Factor-driven, Efficiency-driven, and Innovation-driven Countries

Switching to self-employment can be good for your health

Shocks and entrepreneurship: A study of career shocks among newly graduated entrepreneurs

Governance Quality, Foreign Direct Investment, and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Social Progress Orientation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Leadership as a driver of entrepreneurship : an international exploratory study.

The role of innovation and institutions in entrepreneurship and economic growth in two groups of countries

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Opportunity Entrepreneurship 기회 기업가 정신

Opportunity Entrepreneurship 기회 기업가 정신
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