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Opportunity Costs sentence examples within affective attitude burden

Acceptability of Health Professionals’ Address of Sexuality and Erectile Dysfunction - A Qualitative Interview Study with Men in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Acceptability of a Brief Web-Based Theory-Based Intervention to Prevent and Reduce Self-harm: Mixed Methods Evaluation (Preprint)

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within perceived effectiveness ethicality

“I Wish to Continue Receiving the Reminder Short Messaging Service”: A Mixed Methods Study on the Acceptability of Digital Adherence Tools Among Adults Living with HIV on Antiretroviral Treatment in Tanzania

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within High Opportunity Costs

Community’s experience and perceptions of maternal health services across the continuum of care in Ethiopia: A qualitative study

Evaluating farm and export competitiveness of the Irish dairy industry: post-quota analysis

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Higher Opportunity Costs

Capital Reallocation and Firm-Level Productivity Under Political Uncertainty

Empirical Analysis of Opportunism Based on Data on University Students of Different Courses

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Health Opportunity Costs

Empirical Estimates of the Marginal Cost of Health Produced by a Healthcare System: Methodological Considerations from Country-Level Estimates

Estimating the shares of the value of branded pharmaceuticals accruing to manufacturers and to patients served by health systems.

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Different Opportunity Costs

Who takes care of the kids at when? Variation of sex-role patterns across different parental care forms in passerine birds

Effects of Financial Instability on Subjective Well-Being: A Preference-based Approach

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Significant Opportunity Costs

Addressing Unpaid Care and Domestic Work for a Gender-equal and Inclusive Kenya: WE-Care policy briefing

Some theoretical notes on spatial discounting

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Reduced Opportunity Costs

Foragers and Their Tools: Risk, Technology and Complexity.

Entrepreneurial Efforts and Opportunity Costs: Evidence from Twitch Streamers

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Social Opportunity Costs

Gene therapy may not be as expensive as people think: challenges in assessing the value of single and short-term therapies.


Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Included Opportunity Costs

Comparing costs and cost‐efficiency of platforms for micronutrient powder (MNP) delivery to children in rural Uganda

A Model-Based Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of an Exercise Program for Lung Cancer Survivors Following Curative-Intent Treatment

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Incur Opportunity Costs

Public Opinion and Crisis Behavior in a Nuclearized South Asia

Balance: Dynamic Adjustment of Cryptocurrency Deposits

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Considerable Opportunity Costs

Chicago expressway system retrospective social benefits minus social costs analysis

Are omega-3 fatty acids efficacious in the treatment of depression? A review

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Reduce Opportunity Costs

A modelling analysis of financial incentives for hepatitis C testing and treatment uptake delivered through a community‐based testing campaign

Retail Workforce Sizing Strategy for Enhancing Service Delivery and Store Performance

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Estimated Opportunity Costs

Spatial targeting approach for a payment for ecosystem services scheme in a peri-urban wellhead area in southeastern Brazil

Strategies for Avoiding Neglect of Opportunity Costs by Decision-Makers

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Environmental Opportunity Costs

Expected carbon emissions from a rubber plantation in Central Africa

Optimal Allocation of Anchovy Stocks as Baitfish for Tuna and as Food for Local Communities in Developing Coastal Countries

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within Actual Opportunity Costs

Marginal Analysis as the Basis for Decision Making

Payments for Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources in Agriculture: One Size Fits All?

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within opportunity costs associated

A modelling analysis of financial incentives for hepatitis C testing and treatment uptake delivered through a community‐based testing campaign

Are capuchin monkeys (Sapajus spp.) sensitive to lost opportunities? The role of opportunity costs in intertemporal choice

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within opportunity costs imposed

P61: Pattern of chemotherapeutic adverse effects in patients with malignancies

P62: An increase in Breslow thickness: coronavirus or coincidence?

Opportunity Costs sentence examples within opportunity costs involved

Is it time to deliver additional chemotherapy upfront in our rectal cancer patients? A shifting paradigm

Describing practices of priority setting and resource allocation in publicly funded health care systems of high-income countries

How Do Middle-Aged Chinese Men and Women Balance Caregiving and Employment Income?

Three-Stage TSARs, Interdependent Values, and Biodiversity Production on Private Lands

Reply to Are we certain that chlorhexidine gluconate bathing is not beneficial in deducing central line associated blood stream infections among children with cancer or undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation?

A behavioral economic theory of cue-induced attention- and task-switching with implications for neurodiversity

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Social inequality and signaling in a costly ritual

The value of the PhD degree in management science

Farmers’ perceptions of herbicide usage in forest landscape restoration programs in Ghana

Turista digital: variables que definen su comportamiento de compra

Mega-projects and mega-events: evaluating Vancouver 2010 stadium and convention infrastructure

Evaluating public interest in protected areas using Wikipedia page views

Cost-effectiveness and economic returns of group-based parenting interventions to promote early childhood development: Results from a randomized controlled trial in rural Kenya

Market Costs and Financing Options for Grassland Carbon Sequestration: Empirical and Modelling Evidence From Qinghai, China

Questionnaire for the assessment of adherence barriers of intravitreal therapy: the ABQ-IVT

OB Nest randomized controlled trial: a cost comparison of reduced visit compared to traditional prenatal care

Economic evaluation of battery storage systems bidding on day-ahead and automatic frequency restoration reserves markets

Optimal Power Flow Solution of Wind-Integrated Power System Using Novel Metaheuristic Method

A systems map of the economic considerations for vaccination: Application to hard-to-reach populations.

Achieving a ‘Good AI Society’: comparing the aims and progress of the EU and the US

Routine Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Screen Testing of Ontario Long-Term Care Staff After COVID-19 Vaccination

The temporal dynamics of opportunity costs: A normative account of cognitive fatigue and boredom.

A Position Statement on the Utility of Interval Imaging in Standard of Care Brain Tumour Management: Defining the Evidence Gap and Opportunities for Future Research

How Can the NHS Account for “Care Correct First Time”

Evaluating the monetary environmental compensation over a Hydroelectric Power Plant based on opportunity cost simulation, GIS, and remote sensing images

A digital approach to quantifying political vulnerability of protected areas

From Arms to Trees: Opportunity Costs and Path Dependence and the Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff