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Optimization and analysis of gravel packing parameters in horizontal wells for natural gas hydrate production

Preserving Physical Safety Under Cyber Attacks

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Small-Scale Study of Mooring Line Tension Thresholds Based on Impulsive Load Analysis during Big Floating Structure Operation and Commissioning

Expanding the understanding of organic electrochemical transistor function

Development of Failure Prediction Models for Subsea Blowout Preventers Using Data Analytics and AI

A dual threshold voltage modified dynamic power cutoff technique to consolidate leakage and speed in a VLSI subsystem

In-situ burning with chemical herders for Arctic oil spill response: Meta-analysis and review.

Offshore infrastructure planning using a vine copula approach for environmental conditions: an application for replacement maintenance of tidal energy infrastructure

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Operational Windows 운영 윈도우

Operational Windows 운영 윈도우
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