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Effect of emulsifier hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) on the release of thyme essential oil from chitosan films

Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of coating with chitosan–citrus essential oil and effect on the quality of Pacific mackerel during chilled storage

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Enhancing Thermal Transport in Silicone Composites via Bridging Liquid Metal Fillers with Reactive Metal Co-Fillers and Matrix Viscosity Tuning.

Synthesis and Characterization of the Starch/silicone Oil Composite and Elaboration of its Films

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Enzyme activities and microbial functional diversity in metal(loid) contaminated soils near to a copper smelter.

Dependência e correlação espacial dos atributos de solo em função do arranjo amostral

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Novel levan/bentonite/essential oil films: characterization and antimicrobial activity

Development of Poly(L-Lactic Acid)/Chitosan/Basil Oil Active Packaging Films via a Melt-Extrusion Process Using Novel Chitosan/Basil Oil Blends

Oil Composite sentence examples within oil composite system

Numerical Investigation of the Method of Structural Performance and Rehabilitation of Large-Diameter Buried Steel Pipes Subjected to Excessive Deformation: A Case Study of China

Phosphorylation modification of myofibrillar proteins by sodium pyrophosphate affects emulsion gel formation and oxidative stability under different pH conditions.

Sentinel-2 Exposed Soil Composite for Soil Organic Carbon Prediction

Soil and water loss of mountain plants based on sensor and research on visual experience art

Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Contents in Croplands of Bavaria from SCMaP Soil Reflectance Composites

Optimization of Fatty Acid Composition by of Cooking Oils Blending of Different Plant Oils

Mechanical properties of clay reinforced with Bermuda grass root under drying–wetting cycles

Fabrication, microstructure, and thermal conductivity of multilayered Cu mesh/AZ31 Mg foil composites

Visible light-induced antibacterial and osteogenic cell proliferation properties of hydrogenated TiO2 nanotubes/Ti foil composite

Feasible management of non-degradable agricultural mulching film wastes into functional flame-retarded materials

Test method for minimum and maximum densities of small quantities of soil

Sentinel-2 exposed soil composite for soil organic carbon prediction: the ‘greening-up’ method for detecting suitable images

Experimental and Numerical Simulation Study on the Shear Strength Characteristics of Magnolia multiflora Root-Soil Composites

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Determining the yield stress of a Biopolymer-bound Soil Composite for extrusion-based 3D printing applications

Ecological restoration and mechanical reinforcement effect of slope of tailings reservoir

A 3D root system morphological and mechanical model based on L-Systems and its application to estimate the shear strength of root-soil composites

Application of lignosulphonate—a sustainable approach towards strength improvement and swell management of expansive soils

The influence of vegetation index thresholding on EO-based assessments of exposed soil masks in Germany between 1984 and 2019

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Исследование прочности зологрунтовых материалов, укрепленных известью

Erosion-reducing effects of plant roots during concentrated flow under contrasting textured soils

The optimum proportion of hygroscopic properties of modified soil composites based on orthogonal test method

Effect of Bermuda grass root on mechanical properties of soil under dry–wet cycles

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Facile fabrication of electrically conductive graphitic cellufoil for lighting and energy devices

Wear Resistance Increase of Samples Tribomating in Oil Composite with Geo Modifier КGМF-1

Kesuburan Tanah dan Produktivitas Padi pada Budidaya Organik, Semi Organik, dan Konvensional di Kabupaten Sragen

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Prediction of ultimate compressive strength for biopolymer-bound soil composites (BSC) using sliding wingtip crack analysis

Data for assessment of soil water extractable and percolation water dissolved organic carbon in watersheds

Micro-analysis on the internal structure of fibres-soil composite

Short Communication: Assessment of reclamation success of former limestone quarries in Tuban, Indonesia, based on soil arthropod diversity and soil organic carbon content

Calculation of increased soil shear strength from desert plant roots

Prediction of Micrometeoroid Damage to Lunar Construction Materials using Numerical Modeling of Hypervelocity Impact Events

Recycling of Post-Consumer PET Plastic Waste Bottles in Non-Cement Composites for Construction Applications

Hydro-mechanical behavior of a lateritic fiber-soil composite as a waste containment liner

Energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence determination of minor and major elements in soils of Mambilla Plateau Northeastern Nigeria

Mechanisms of root-soil reinforcement in bio-embankments of sloping farmland in the purple hilly area, China

The effect of bermuda grass root morphology on the displacement of slope

Influence of altitudes of coffee plants on the alkaloids contents of green coffee beans

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Oil Composite 오일 합성물

Oil Composite 오일 합성물
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