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Disparities in Dental Service Use among Adult Populations in the United States.

The impact of financial bootstrapping techniques on perceived performance: an empirical analysis of Costa Rican SMEs

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Electric carsharing and the sustainable mobility transition: Conflict and contestation in a Czech actor-network

Dominant currency debt

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Increasing Self-efficacy in Mentoring Relationships for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Community Colleges

Recruitment Strategies Used in a Survey of African Immigrant Maternal Mental Health in Alberta, Canada

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Systematic discovery of pseudomonad genetic factors involved in sensitivity to tailocins

Fluorinated Oligomer Wrapped Perovskite Crystals for Inverted MAPbI3 Solar Cells with 21% Efficiency and Enhanced Stability.

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A Utility Roadmap for Expanding Customer Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Trump and the Image of the United States in Latin America

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Brolucizumab: a novel anti-VEGF humanized single-chain antibody fragment for treating w-AMD

The Protection of Human Rights in Pandemics—Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future

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Rail transit investments and economic development: Challenges for small businesses

How the introduction of digital sales channels affects salespeople in business-to-business contexts: a qualitative inquiry

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A MODIS-based scalable remote sensing method to estimate sowing and harvest dates of soybean crops in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Anthropogenic depletion of Iran’s aquifers

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Transplant Options for Patients With Diabetes and Advanced Kidney Disease: A Review.

Confined nanospace pyrolysis: A versatile strategy to create hollow structured porous carbons

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Adopting environmentally-friendly certifications: Transaction cost and capabilities perspectives within the Italian wine supply chain

Conceptualising Digital Platforms in Developing Countries as Socio-Technical Transitions: A Multi-level Perspective Analysis of EasyTaxi in Colombia

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Participatory Arts-Based Research: Insights from a Project with Migrant Women

Timescales, Critical Junctures, and the Accruing Injuries of Coloniality

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Looking Back at The Arts of the Missions of Northern New Spain, 1600–1821

Mexicos and Americas

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Qualitative ego networks in health professions education: Capturing the self in relation to others.

Biochemical prediction of miRNA targeting

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Teachers’ beliefs about children and children’s literacy development: The mediating role of responsive teaching

Protegrin-1 Regulates Porcine Granulosa Cell Proliferation via the EGFR-ERK1/2/p38 Signaling Pathway in vitro

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A Reflection of Transitioning to Online Learning

Meditations on Mediations: Feeling Digital Performances

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Prediction of local resonance band gaps in 2D elastic metamaterials via Bloch mode identification

Probabilistic Optimization for High-Level Synthesis

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Rhopaloic acid A induces apoptosis, autophagy and MAPK activation through ROS-mediated signaling in bladder cancer.

Designed folding pathway of modular coiled-coil-based proteins

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Developing Principles of Practice for Implementing Models-Based Practice: A Self-Study of Physical Education Teacher Education Practice

Lessons from spending on megestrol for cancer cachexia

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Learning from Pandemics Past and Present for Service Theory and Practice

The Increasing Centrality of Robotic Technology in the Context of Nursing Care: Bioethical Implications Analyzed through a Scoping Review Approach

Threat or opportunity? A case study of digital-enabled redesign of entrepreneurship education in the COVID-19 emergency

Pervasive cooperative mutational effects on multiple catalytic enzyme traits emerge via long-range conformational dynamics

Maudie: A Humanbecoming Movie Review

Genotyping and Plasma/Cerebrospinal Fluid Profiling of a Cohort of Frontotemporal Dementia–Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients

Structural and Functional Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 RBD Domains Produced in Mammalian Cells

Protoporphyrin-IX nanostructures modulate their protein aggregation ability via differential oxidation and protein binding

The Paradox of Dignity

Native structure of the RhopH complex, a key determinant of malaria parasite nutrient acquisition

Song complexity in relation to repertoire size and phonological syntax in the breeding song of Purple Sunbird

Community health workers at the dawn of a new era: 1. Introduction: tensions confronting large-scale CHW programmes

Book reviews: Mimi Huang and Lise-Lotte Holmgreen (eds), The Language of Crisis: Metaphors, frames and discourses

Maximum entropy in the dimensional transition of the magnetic domain wall dynamics

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