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Combined role of green productivity growth, economic globalization, and eco-innovation in achieving ecological sustainability for OECD economies.

The trade-off between energy consumption, economic growth, militarization, and CO2 emissions: does the treadmill of destruction exist in the modern world?

R&D expenditure and energy consumption in OECD nations

Limited Progress in Improving Gender and Geographic Representation in Coral Reef Science

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Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Corporate Governance Development and Practices in an Emerging Economy: A Review of Empirical Findings and Literature in Saudi Arabia

Study on Structural Relationships among the Factors Affecting Happiness of Adolescent in OECD Countries: Application of QCA Method

Infant mortality, poverty and reproductive justice

Water Policy for Sustainable Management: A Review

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Evaluating the sustainability of national logistics performance using Data Envelopment Analysis

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Macroeconomic burden of firearm-related fatality across OECD countries: an estimate of annual and cumulative gross domestic product losses, 2018–30

Energy Efficiency or Conservation for Mitigating Climate Change

Power of partnerships: What makes a difference in reducing maternal mortality and how can Canadians contribute?

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The growth-maximizing level of regulation: Evidence from a panel of international data

Convergence in Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Emissions Since 1850 in OECD Countries: Evidence from a New Panel Unit Root Test

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Global Modelling of Hydrogen Penetration: Fuel Cell Vehicles and Infrastructure in a Carbon Constrained Future

Investigating Gender Differences in Mathematics and Science: Results from the 2011 Trends in Mathematics and Science Survey

How do energy policies accelerate sustainable transitions? Unpacking the policy transfer process in the case of GETFiT Uganda

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Oecd Nations OECD 국가

Oecd Nations OECD 국가
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