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Thalamic Local Field Potentials Are Related to Long-Term DBS Effects in Tourette Syndrome

Hallazgos pulmonares en un caso de muerte inesperada por infección de COVID-19

Observations Confirm sentence examples within These Observations Confirm

A transgenic reporter mouse model for in vivo assessment of retinoic acid receptor transcriptional activation.

The Whitefly Dialeurodes citri: A New Pest on Citrus in Tunisia?

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Microscopic Observations Confirm

Evaluation of microbial community succession and trophic transfer using microscopic, molecular and stable isotope ratio analysis in a sponge-based sewage treatment system

Cerium oxide nanoparticles induced physio-biochemical, neurochemical, and morphological responses in Cirrhinus mrigala during short term exposure

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Tem Observations Confirm

Direct observations of diffusion controlled microstructure transition in Mg-In/Mg-Ag ultrafine particles with enhanced hydrogen storage and hydrolysis properties

Oxygen Precipitation Behavior in n-Type Cz-Si Related to Carbon Concentration and Crystal Growth Conditions

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Field Observations Confirm

Water and Sediment Supply Requirements for Post-Wildfire Debris Flows in the Western United States

Field Study on Wood Accumulation at a Bridge Pier

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Microscopy Observations Confirm

Room-Temperature Plasticity of a Nanosized GaN Crystal

A novel titania/graphene composite applied in reinforcing microstructural and mechanical properties of alkali-activated slag

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Sem Observations Confirm

Effect of sintering temperature on water-purification performance of Al2O3/3Y-ZrO2 membrane filters

Characterization of precipitates formed in X7R 0603 BME-MLCC during sintering

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Experimental Observations Confirm

Discrete Element Modeling of Permeability Evolution During Progressive Failure of a Low-Permeable Rock Under Triaxial Compression

FE-SPH hybrid method to simulate the effect of tool inclination angle in oblique diamond cutting of KDP crystal

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Morphological Observations Confirm

Poly(pyrrole-co-styrene sulfonate)-encapsulated MWCNT/Fe–Ni alloy/NiFe2O4 nanocomposites for microwave absorption

Neopestalotiopsis cavernicola sp. nov. from Gem Cave in Yunnan Province, China

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Diffraction Observations Confirm

Enhanced physicochemical stability of ω-3 PUFAs concentrates-loaded nanoliposomes decorated by chitosan/gelatin blend coatings.

Dependence of Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties on Loading Direction for AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheet with Non-basal Texture During In-Plane Uniaxial Tension

Observations Confirm sentence examples within New Observations Confirm

Abundance and ecology of Myctophidae fishes in the Gulf of Alaska in winter season

X-Ray Polarimetry of the Crab Nebula with PolarLight: Polarization Recovery after the Glitch and a Secular Position Angle Variation

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Secm Observations Confirm

Evaluation of newly synthesized multifunctional nanocomposite coated cupronickel alloy in marine environment

Novel multifunctional nanocomposites for superior barrier, hydrophobic and mechanical properties of Mg alloy in marine environment

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Microstructural Observations Confirm

Hydrogen induced microstructure evolution and cracking mechanism in a metastable dual-phase high-entropy alloy

Reactive Powder Concrete: Durability and Applications

Observations Confirm sentence examples within Satellite Observations Confirm

Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Quality and Resulting Public Health Benefits in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area

Study of Atmospheric Turbidity in a Northern Tropical Region Using Models and Measurements of Global Solar Radiation

Evolution of the Cook Ice Cap (Kerguelen Islands) between the last centuries and 2100 ce based on cosmogenic dating and glacio-climatic modelling

IGF1R Deficiency Modulates Brain Signaling Pathways and Disturbs Mitochondria and Redox Homeostasis

Simulation training of dentists as an instrument of improving the quality of treatment

Fidelity and the Impact of Patient Safety Huddles on Teamwork and Safety Culture: An Evaluation of the Huddle Up for Safer Healthcare (HUSH) Project

Regeneration and micropropagation of Meyer lemon (Citrus x meyeri) supported by polymorphism analysis via molecular markers

Recent Advances in the Discovery of GSK-3 Inhibitors from Synthetic Origin in the Treatment of Neurological Disorders.

Modelling Soil Moisture in Hyper-Arid Conditions

Fate of sulfate in seafloor hydrothermal systems: Insights from in situ observation of the liquid–liquid phase separation in hydrothermal fluids

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