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Oral administration of an herbal medicine to prevent progressive hearing loss in a mouse model of diabetes.

Trehalose attenuates development of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis associated with type 2 diabetes in TSOD mouse

Hypoglycemic activity of the extracts of Belamcanda chinensis leaves (BCLE) on KK-Ay mice.

SAT-161 Macrophage Alterations in Islets of Obese Mice Linked to Beta Cell Compensation or Beta Cell Dedifferentiation in Diabetes

Inhibitory Effects of Glucosylceramide on Tumorigenesis Induced by a Carcinogen in Mice

High-Efficiency Generation of Antigen-Specific Primary Mouse Cytotoxic T Cells for Functional Testing in an Autoimmune Diabetes Model.

Macrophage alterations in islets of obese mice linked to beta cell disruption in diabetes

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Obese Diabetes 비만 당뇨병

Obese Diabetes 비만 당뇨병
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