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The importance of livestock grazing at woodland-grassland interface in the conservation of rich oakwood plant communities in temperate Europe

Top-down segregated policies undermine the maintenance of traditional wooded landscapes: Evidence from oaks at the European Union’s eastern border

Synergistic interactions between Stachybotrys chartarum and other indoor fungal species in moisture-damaged houses

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Еколого-типологічні особливості лісової рослинності об’єкта Смарагдової мережі «Дергачівський ліс» Північно-Східного Лісостепу України

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Light-induced reactions of methionine and riboflavin in model wine: Effects of hydrolysable tannins and sulfur dioxide.

Predicting West Nile virus transmission in North American bird communities using phylogenetic mixed effects models and eBird citizen science data

Studio propedeutico per la redazione di un Piano di Gestione Forestale del bosco Tardara, sughereta pura del Comune di Tusa (Messina)

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Cybercartography as a transdisciplinary approach to solve complex environmental problems: A case study of the Kumeyaay Peoples of Baja California and the conservation of oak trees

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Oak Woods 오크우드

Oak Woods 오크우드
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