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First report of an ambrosia beetle, Platypus quercivorus, vector of Japanese oak wilt, in Hokkaido, northern Japan

Beetles prefer steeply angled crevices: effects of wood surface structure on the initiation of hole boring by Platypus quercivorus

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Fungal Community Analyses of Endophytic Fungi from Two Oak Species, Quercus mongolica and Quercus serrata, in Korea

Canopy spectral reflectance detects oak wilt at the landscape scale using phylogenetic discrimination

Disease and fire interact to influence transitions between savanna-forest ecosystems over a multi-decadal experiment.

Forest community structure and composition following containment treatments for the fungal pathogen oak wilt

Effects of oak wilt (Bretziella fagacearum) on post harvest Quercus regeneration

Climate Change Impacts on Forest Management: A Case of Korean Oak Wilt

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Oak Wilt 오크 시들음

Oak Wilt 오크 시들음
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