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Oak Species sentence examples within Two Oak Species

Bacterial microbiota similarity between predators and prey in a blue tit trophic network

Oak (Acorn)–Weevil Interactions across an Extensive Latitudinal Gradient in Eastern North America

Oak Species sentence examples within Three Oak Species

Body Size Plasticity of Weevil Larvae (Curculio davidi) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and Its Stoichiometric Relationship With Different Hosts.

Body Size Plasticity of Weevil Larvae (Curculio davidi) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and Its Stoichiometric Relationship With Different Hosts

Oak Species sentence examples within Different Oak Species

Bark thickness models for oak forests being converted from coppice to high forests in Northwestern Turkey

The dendroclimatic value of oak stable isotopes

Oak Species sentence examples within White Oak Species

Comparative analysis of the complete chloroplast genomes of six white oaks with high ecological amplitude in China

Tree Shape Variability in a Mixed Oak Forest Using Terrestrial Laser Technology: Implications for Mating System Analysis

Oak Species sentence examples within Fmy Oak Species

Is the Seasonal Variation in Frost Resistance and Plant Performance in Four Oak Species Affected by Changing Temperatures?

Cross-transferability-based identification and validation of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in oaks of western Himalayas

Oak Species sentence examples within Deciduou Oak Species

Climate sensitivity and drought seasonality determine post-drought growth recovery of Quercus petraea and Quercus robur in Europe.

53. Deep water zone of the western Black Sea: the last 20 000 years of vegetation history

Oak Species sentence examples within Mediterranean Oak Species

Acorn Crop, Seed Size and Chemical Defenses Determine the Performance of Specialized Insect Predators and Reproductive Output in a Mediterranean Oak

Field Performances of Mediterranean Oaks in Replicate Common Gardens for Future Reforestation under Climate Change in Central and Southern Europe: First Results from a Four-Year Study

Oak Species sentence examples within Chinese Oak Species

Effects of drought stress and rehydration on physiological and biochemical of four oak species in China

The complete chloroplast genome of Quercus fenchengensis and the phylogenetic implication

Oak Species sentence examples within Red Oak Species

Genetic and functional leaf traits variability of Quercus laurina along an oak diversity gradient in Mexico

Molecular evolution of the internal transcribed spacers in red oaks (Quercus sect. Lobatae)

Oak Species sentence examples within Related Oak Species

Linked selection shapes the landscape of genomic variation in three oak species.

Ancient introgression between distantly related white oaks (Quercus sect Quercus) shows evidence of climate-associated asymmetric gene exchange.

Oak Species sentence examples within Evergreen Oak Species

Leaf traits from stomata to morphology are associated with climatic and edaphic variables for dominant tropical forest evergreen oaks

Leaf litter decomposition of deciduous Quercus acutissima Carruth. and evergreen Quercus glauca Thunb. in an inter-site experiment in three contrasting temperate forest stands in South Korea

Oak Species sentence examples within Predominant Oak Species

Genomic structure and diversity of oak populations in British Parklands

Postbreeding Habitat Use by Golden-Cheeked Warblers (Setophaga chrysoparia)

Oak Species sentence examples within Six Oak Species

Effects of global warming on the potential distribution ranges of six Quercus species (Fagaceae)

Ecuaciones alométricas para estimar biomasa en especies de encino en Guanajuato, México

Oak Species sentence examples within European Oak Species

Expression profiles of 12 drought responsive genes in two European (deciduous) oak species during a two-year drought experiment with consecutive drought periods

Elucidating Drought Stress Tolerance in European Oaks Through Cross-Species Transcriptomics

Oak Species sentence examples within Sister Oak Species

Temporal isolation between sympatric host plants cascades across multiple trophic levels of host-associated insects

Cascading reproductive isolation: Plant phenology drives temporal isolation among populations of a host‐specific herbivore

Oak Species sentence examples within Among Oak Species

Genetic Diversity of Some Quercus (Fagaceae) and their Putative Hybrids in Turkey

A computational comparative study of the repetitive DNA in the genus Quercus L

Oak Species sentence examples within Sympatric Oak Species

Incidence of Galls on Sympatric California Oaks: Ecological and Physiological Perspectives

Seed germination schedule and environmental context shaped the population genetic structure of subtropical evergreen oaks on the Yun-Gui Plateau, Southwest China

Oak Species sentence examples within Dominant Oak Species

Current plant ecological features reflect historical forest management systems in semi-arid oak forests

Region-wide mass mortality of Japanese oak due to ambrosia beetle infestation: Mortality factors and change in oak abundance

Oak Species sentence examples within Important Oak Species

Operational and Environmental Comparison of Two Felling and Piling Alternatives for Whole Tree Thinnings in Quercus Coppices for Bioenergy Use

Climate change effects on tree growth from Romanian forest monitoring Level II plots.

Oak Species sentence examples within Either Oak Species

Long-term effects of organic matter removal, compaction, and vegetation control on tree survival and growth in coarse-textured, low-productivity soils

Variation in Bark Allocation and Rugosity Across Seven Co-occurring Southeastern US Tree Species

Oak Species sentence examples within oak species quercu

Predicting climate change impacts on the threatened Quercus arbutifolia in montane cloud forests in southern China and Vietnam: Conservation implications

Quantifying carbon and species dynamics under different fire regimes in a southeastern U.S. pineland

Oak Species sentence examples within oak species identification

Oak Species Quercus robur L. and Quercus petraea Liebl. Identification Based on UHPLC-HRMS/MS Molecular Networks

Species Identification of Oaks (Quercus L., Fagaceae) from Gene to Genome

Oak Species sentence examples within oak species could

Generic Additive Allometric Models and Biomass Allocation for Two Natural Oak Species in Northeastern China

The European delicacy Tuber melanosporum forms mycorrhizae with some indigenous Chinese Quercus species and promotes growth of the oak seedlings

Oak Species sentence examples within oak species acros

Hybridization and introgression in sympatric and allopatric populations of four oak species

Multi‐variable approach pinpoints origin of oak wood with higher precision

Especies del género Quercus, su distribución y volumen de madera en Tlaquilpa, Veracruz

More Oak Species 오크 종 sentence examples

New methods of oak planting require modification of tending prescriptions under high browsing pressure – A case study from north-eastern Poland

Nutrient Resorption Strategies of Three Oak Tree Species in Response to Interannual Climate Variability

The Effects of Native Shrub, Fencing, and Acorn Size on the Emergence of Contrasting Co-Occurring Oak in Mediterranean Grazed Areas

Quercus Conservation Genetics and Genomics: Past, Present, and Future

Evaluation of Oak-Specific Consumption, Efficiency, and Losses from an Aesthetic Veneer Factory

More Oak Species 오크 종 sentence examples

Dating of non-oak species in the United Kingdom historical buildings archive using stable oxygen isotopes

Drought and Pathogen Effects on Survival, Leaf Physiology, Oxidative Damage, and Defense in Two Middle Eastern Oak Species

Infestation of Early- and Late-Flushing Trees by Spring Caterpillars: An Associational Effect of Neighbouring Trees

Pre-invasion assessment of exotic bark beetle-vectored fungi to detect tree-killing pathogens.

Species distribution of Quercus (Fagaceae) along an altitude gradient, reveals zonation in a hotspot

Conserved DNA polymorphisms distinguish species in the eastern North American white oak syngameon: Insights from an 80-SNP oak DNA genotyping toolkit

Beyond isohydricity: The role of environmental variability in determining plant drought responses.

Choosing an Adequate Pesticide Delivery System for Managing Pathogens with Difficult Biologies: Case Studies on Diplodia corticola, Venturia inaequalis and Erwinia amylovora

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