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Treatment Effect of the Tree Pollen SLIT-Tablet on Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis During Oak Pollen Season.

Oak pollen seasonality and severity across Europe and modelling the season start using a generalized phenological model.

Did forest fires maintain mixed oak forests in southern Scandinavia? A dendrochronological speculation

Allergy to oak pollen in North America.

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Birch-naïve, oak-allergic subjects’ response to birch pollen in an environmental chamber

Exposure and Sensitization to Formaldehyde of Urban Children at Risk of Asthma and Rhinitis: 67

The Occurrence of Carpinus, Fagus, Tilia, and Quercus Pollen in Subrecent Spore–Pollen Spectra from the East European Plain: On the Possibility of Long-Distance Pollen Transfer

Palynology and Sedimentology of Holocene Deposits in Southern Lake Michigan

Annual Variation Among Tree Pollen In Las Vegas From 2015‐2018: 66

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Oak Pollen 참나무 꽃가루

Oak Pollen 참나무 꽃가루
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