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Factors determining the distribution of orchids – a review with examples from the Czech Republic

The Strong Position of Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Fertile Variants of Beech and Oak-Hornbeam Forests in the Light of Studies Conducted in the Sudetes

A Duna–Tisza köze gyertyános-tölgyesei (Convallario-Carpinetum Kevey 2008)

Thinning Response and Potential Basal Area in a Mixed Sub-humid Low-elevation Oak-Hornbeam Forest

Resilience of spider communities affected by a range of silvicultural treatments in a temperate deciduous forest stand

Demography and spatial activity of fire salamanders, Salamandra salamandra (Linnaeus, 1758), in two contrasting habitats in the Vienna Woods

Do Adjacent Forests Affect the Regeneration of Oak-Hornbeam and Ancient Forest Plant Species in Manor Parks in Poland?

Herbaceous Layer Net Primary Production of Oak-Hornbeam Forest: Comparing Six Methods of Assessment Based on the Seasonal Dynamics of Biomass Increments

Individual movement of large carabids as a link for activity density patterns in various forestry treatments

Short life–fast death: decomposition rates of woody plants leaf- and herb-litter

Comparison of Forest Species- Diversity and Composition Inside and Outside of the Holedná Game Reserve (The City of Brno, Czech Republic)

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Oak Hornbeam Forest 오크 서어나무 숲

Oak Hornbeam Forest 오크 서어나무 숲
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