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Discrimination of French wine brandy origin by PTR-MS headspace analysis using ethanol ionization and sensory assessment

Barrel-to-barrel variation of phenolic and mineral composition of red wine

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Astringency, bitterness and color changes in dry red wines before and during oak barrel aging: An updated phenolic perspective review

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Comparison of high pressure treatment with conventional red wine aging processes: impact on phenolic composition.

Effects of aging in oak barrels on the trans-resveratrol and anthocyanin concentration of red wines from Hungary

Impact of long bottle aging (10 years) on volatile composition of red wines micro-oxygenated with oak alternatives

Formation and evolution profiles of anthocyanin derivatives and tannins during fermentations and aging of red wines

Exploring Blue Ocean Innovation in the Wine Industry

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Left out in the cold: Serving wines chilled

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Barrel Aging; Types of Wood

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Emerging Technologies for Aging Wines: Use of Chips and Micro-Oxygenation

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Oak Barrels 오크 배럴

Oak Barrels 오크 배럴
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