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Effects of fertilization and crown release on white oak (Quercus alba) masting and acorn quality

One acorn produces two seedlings in Chinese cork oak Quercus variabilis

Nature and Extent of Forest Degradation in Central Himalayas

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California Oak Savannas and Grasslands

Effect of Feeding Oak Acorn on Expression of IL-2, IL-13 and IFN-γ Genes in Bursa Fabricius Tissue of Broiler Chickens (Short Communication)

Effect of oak acorn ( Quercus ilex ) intake during sucklingand fattening of Barbarine lambs on growth, meat quality and fatty acid profile

Spatiotemporal pattern of wild boar rooting in a Central European dry oak forest

Characterization of odour-active volatiles and sensory analyses of roasted oak (Quercus humboldtii Bonpl.) acorns, a coffee substitute

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Oak Acorn 오크 도토리

Oak Acorn 오크 도토리
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