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Numerical Semigroup sentence examples within Generalized Numerical Semigroup

Irreducible generalized numerical semigroups and uniqueness of the Frobenius element

Algorithms for Generalized Numerical Semigroups.

Numerical Semigroup sentence examples within numerical semigroup s

Almost-Positioned Numerical Semigroups

On two-generator Fibonacci numerical semigroups with a prescribed genus

Numerical Semigroup sentence examples within numerical semigroup ring

Coefficient rings of numerical semigroup algebras

The generators, relations and type of the Backelin semigroup

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Numerical Semigroup sentence examples within numerical semigroup generated

On the Betti numbers of the tangent cones for Gorenstein monomial curves

Numerical semigroups generated by primes

A Sum of Negative Degrees of the Gaps Values in Two-Generated Numerical Semigroups and Identities for the Hurwitz Zeta Function

Quasi-Ordinarization Transform of a Numerical Semigroup

An improved algorithm to compute the $$\omega $$ ω -primality

Numerical semigroups, polyhedra, and posets II: locating certain families of semigroups

Quotients of perfect numerical semigroups

Resolution of the Frobenius Problem with an Adiabatic Quantum Computer

Graphs Associated with the Ideals of a Numerical Semigroup Having Metric Dimension 2

The set of numerical semigroups of a given multiplicity and Frobenius number

Factorization length distribution for affine semigroups II: Asymptotic behavior for numerical semigroups with arbitrarily many generators

An approach in computing the Frobenius number of numerical semigroups with embedding dimension equal to 3

Numerical semigroups bounded by the translation of a plane monoid

Space Curves and Solitons of the KP Hierarchy. I. The l-th Generalized KdV Hierarchy

Numerical semigroups of small and large type

Proportionally modular numerical semigroups generated by arithmetic progressions

Characterization of Gaps and Elements of a Numerical Semigroup Using Groebner Bases

Cayley posets.

Numerical semigroups of Szemerédi type

Almost symmetric numerical semigroups with high type

Some results about a class of symmetric numerical semigroups

Factorizations of the same length in numerical semigroups

A problem of integer partitions and numerical semigroups

On Extensions of Semigroups and Their Applications to Toeplitz Algebras

Embedding dimension of a good semigroup

On pseudo-Frobenius elements of submonoids of $$\mathbb {N}^d$$Nd

\(\omega \)-Primality in arithmetic Leamer monoids

Perfect numerical semigroups

Characterization of Graphs Associated with Numerical Semigroups

On parametrized families of numerical semigroups

Parity numerical semigroups

Coefficients of (inverse) unitary cyclotomic polynomials

Union of sets of lengths of numerical semigroups

Ideals of Numerical Semigroups and Error-Correcting Codes

Semigroups with fixed multiplicity and embedding dimension

Gapsets of small multiplicity

A generalization of Wilf’s conjecture for generalized numerical semigroups

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Numerical Semigroup 수치 반군

Numerical Semigroup 수치 반군
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