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Seismic vulnerability assessment of Longhu Pagoda, Sichuan, China

Fire resistance behavior of damaged steel portal frame with RBS connections

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Internal flow and discharge coefficient characteristics of oil jet nozzles with different orifice angles under non-cavitating conditions

Insight into the dynamics of non-Newtonian carboxy methyl cellulose conveying CuO nanoparticles: significance of channel branch angle and pressure drop

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On the buckling of longitudinally stiffened plates, part 2: Eurocode-based design for plate-like behaviour of plates with closed-section stiffeners

Parametric study on temperature distribution of square hollow section joints

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Optimization of fuel/air mixing and combustion process in a heavy-duty diesel engine using fuel split device

Numerical study on oblique stretching of viscoelastic polymer film

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Impact of hub gap leakage on stator endwall flow in an axial compressor stage with casing treatment

Nonlinear normal modes and primary resonance for permanent magnet synchronous motors with a nonlinear restoring force and an unbalanced magnetic pull

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Research on mechanical optimization methods of cable-driven lower limb rehabilitation robot

Demountable composite steel-concrete floors: A state-of-the-art review

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On the buckling of longitudinally stiffened plates, part 2: Eurocode-based design for plate-like behaviour of plates with closed-section stiffeners

Plate-like Buckling Resistance of Longitudinally Stiffened Plates Subjected to Pure Compression

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FSI modeling on the effect of artery-aneurysm thickness and coil embolization in patient cases

A review of hydrodynamics and heat transfer through corrugated channels

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Minor pressure losses for different connections of PP-R and PEX/Al/PEX installation pipes

Staggered H-shaped metamaterial based on electromagnetically induced transparency effect and its refractive index sensing performance

Numerical Research sentence examples within numerical research performed

A Numerical Study of the Global Instability in Counter-Current Homogeneous Density Incompressible Round Jets

Features of the port retaining structure calculations

Numerical Research sentence examples within numerical research study

Additive manufacturing of functionally graded metallic materials: A review of experimental and numerical studies

Investigation of Mixed Convection in a Cylindrical Lid Driven Cavity Filled with Water-Cu Nanofluid

Numerical Research sentence examples within numerical research effort

Buoyant Jets in Cross-Flows: Review, Developments, and Applications

Hydrogen Storage in Pure and Boron-Substituted Nanoporous Carbons—Numerical and Experimental Perspective

Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Polymer Viscoelastic Materials Obtained by 3D Printing

Effect number of blades on the performance of h-Darrieus wind turbine with NACA 0018 air foil

Analysis of thickness variation and stress state in hydroforming of complex T-shaped tubular part of nickel-based superalloy

Stagnation Point Flow of EMHD Micropolar Nanofluid with Mixed Convection and Slip Boundary

Numerical Studies on the Influence of a Reinforcing Material on the Energy Absorption in a Multilayered Composite during Impacts

Research and Development of Delay-Sensitive Routing Tensor Model in IoT Core Networks

Determining initial tension of carrying cable in nonlinear analysis of bi-cable ropeway – Case study

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Catalyst filled heat exchanger for hydrogen liquefaction

Thermal and fire characteristics of hydrogen jet flames in the tunnel at longitudinal ventilation strategies

Sensitivity factors of aircraft mass for the conceptual design

Deflection Analysis of Layered Slabs with Plastic Inserts

Temperature-independent, nonoxidative methane conversion in nanosecond repetitively pulsed DBD plasma

Numerical Simulation on the Longitudinal Breach Process of Landslide Dams Using an Improved Coupled DEM-CFD Method

Failure analysis of thin-walled composite structures using independent advanced damage models

Recent advances of hydrogel network models for studies on mechanical behaviors

Unsteady pressure measurement and numerical simulations in an end-wall region of a linear blade cascade

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Influence of rigidity of a flange ridge knot of a double hinged arch on the redistribution of efforts in its elements

Stress concentration factors of multi-planar tubular KT-joints subjected to in-plane bending moments

Numerical study of oxygen transport characteristics in lead-bismuth eutectic for gas-phase oxygen control

Numerical study for the unsteady space fractional magnetohydrodynamic free convective flow and heat transfer with Hall effects



Detection of velocity and attenuation inclusions in the medical ultrasound tomography

Influences of True Triaxial Loading-Unloading Stress Paths on Mechanical Properties and Wave Velocity of Coal Samples subject to Risk of Rock Burst

Modelling of Using Hall Magnetic Sensor for Environmental Monitor of Micrometer-Sized Magnetite Particles

High Deformable Concrete (HDC) element: An experimental and numerical study

Experimental-Numerical Failure Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Columns Using Advanced Damage Models

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The interaction of the complex transfer processes in the phase transformations regimes of a water droplets

Non-uniqueness of the solution of one mathematical model of an autocatalytic reaction with diffusion and the Showalter – Sidorov condition

Experimental and numerical investigation of TVOC concentrations and ventilation dilution in enclosed train cabin

The role of radial secondary flow in the process of rotating stall for a 1.5-stage axial compressor

Optimization of a Jet Engine Compressor Disc with Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Calculations Related to Time and Mass Criteria

Platinum degradation mechanisms in proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) system: A review

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Effect of Reynolds number on turbulent boundary layer approaching separation

More Numerical Research 수치 연구 sentence examples

Parameter Estimation of Hydraulic Equipment of Hydro-Electric Power Station Based on Numerical Simulation of the Spatial Flow

A Robust Optimization Scheduling for Carrier Aircraft Support Operation Based on Critical Chain Method

Investigation on thermal-hydraulic performance of the absorber plate using a piezoelectric fan in the solar air heater

Study for mitigating scour around the monopile foundations of offshore wind turbines

Effects of exhaust parameters on temperature and pressure drop of the gasoline particulate filter in the regeneration equilibrium state

Small Solar System Bodies as granular media

Numerical research of selected features of the non-pneumatic tire

Vibration of a plate coupled with fluid considering the effects of stress and deformation under hydrostatic load

Analysis of the conditions for the occurrence of the effect of a minimum of friction in hybrid bearings based on the load separation principle

Edge Effect in Hot Embossing and its Influence on Global Pattern Replication of Polymer-Based Microneedles

Delayed bubble entrapment during the drop impact on a bounded liquid bath

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Numerical study of condensation flow regimes in presence of non-condensable gas in minichannels

More Numerical Research 수치 연구 sentence examples

Impact of temperature fluctuation on anaerobic fermentation process of upgrading bioreactor under solar radiant heating

Photonic droplets in a medium of carbon nanotubes

Influence of patch load length on plate girders. Part II: Numerical research

Numerical evaluation of outdoor thermal comfort and weather parameters in summertime at Széchenyi square

Numerical investigation and parametric analysis of a photovoltaic thermal system integrated with phase change material

Fracture Properties of Wide-notch Concrete Beams strengthened with Near-Surface Mounted CFRP Rebar

Dynamics, Stability Analysis and Control of a Mammal-Like Octopod Robot Driven by Different Central Pattern Generators

Wave Frequency Effects on Damage Imaging in Adhesive Joints Using Lamb Waves and RMS

Cavitation in Hydraulic Turbines

Assessment of acoustic and pulsation characteristics of centrifugal pumps

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Numerical investigation on integrated thermal management for a lithium-ion battery module with a composite phase change material and liquid cooling

Frequency Spectrum and Electromagnetic Fields Distribution in Cavity Microwave Resonator with Metal Pins Inside

Stability Analysis and Research of New Optical Solitons in PT Symmetric Refractive Index Modulation Lattice

Oblique Penetration of Metal Plates by 25MM APDS-T Projectile—Modeling and Verification

Review of simulation research on pulverized coal combustion in industrial boilers

The dumping of oscillatory phenomena in the process of bioethanol production by continuous fermentation

SPIF of tailored sheets to optimize thickness distribution along the shaped wall

Numerical Research of Oxidation Zone Variation in Goaf of Longwalls U-Type System from Borders and U-Type System to the Borders Ventilated

A study into the dependence of the cladding-fuel pellet gap conductance on burn-up and the effects on the reactor core neutronic performance

Experimental Research of High-Temperature and High-Pressure Water Jet Characteristics in ICRC Engine Relevant Conditions

Calculation and application of full-wave airborne transient electromagnetic data in electromagnetic detection

Seasonal changes in hydraulic flow conditions in overgrown lowland river

The elastic serrated gasket of the flange bolted joints

Experimental and numerical analysis of multi-disc heat exchanger efficiency in adsorption chillers powered with waste heat

Numerical Research of Flows into Gullies with Different Outlet Locations

Steady-state transalfvenic MHD flows in coaxial channels with longitudinal magnetic field

Numerical Investigation of a New Unsteady Control Method to Suppress Tip Clearance Flow in Compressors

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Numerical Research 수치 연구
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