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Numerical Procedure sentence examples within discrete element method

Undrained cyclic behavior of granular materials considering initial static shear effect: Insights from discrete element modeling

Analysis of solid particle erosion in direct impact tests using the discrete element method

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Proposed Numerical Procedure

Experimental and numerical investigation on the dent resistance of a dual phase steel originated from the yield-point phenomenon

Numerical investigation on the hydrodynamic performance of a new designed breakwater using smoothed particle hydrodynamic method

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Efficient Numerical Procedure

Numerical investigation of the flow characteristics and permeability of 2D irregular columnar jointed rock masses

Dynamic Analysis of Functionally Graded Porous Beams Using Complementary Functions Method in the Laplace Domain

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within New Numerical Procedure

Elastoplastic Analysis for Circular Tunnel Based on Modified Lade Criterion considering Strain Softening and Dilatancy

Simultaneous simulation of the three components of seismic accelerograms at locations around seismological stations

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Novel Numerical Procedure

Application of the convergence-confinement method to excavation response of roadway in rock mass considering large deformation

Beyond Taylor’s hypothesis: a novel volumetric reconstruction of velocity and density fields for variable-density and shear flows

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Scale Numerical Procedure

Characterization of Wear Modes in Orthogonal Milling of 15-5PH Stainless Steel

Multi-scale modeling of distortion in the non-flat 3D woven composite part manufactured using resin transfer molding

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Meshles Numerical Procedure

Investigation of heat transport equation at the microscale via interpolating element-free Galerkin method

Tsunami Squares modeling of landslide tsunami generation considering the ‘Push Ahead’ effects in slide/water interactions: Theory, experimental validation, and sensitivity analyses

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Presented Numerical Procedure

A comprehensive approach to the optimization of design solutions for dry anti-flood reservoir dams

Alternating direction implicit-spectral element method (ADI-SEM) for solving multi-dimensional generalized modified anomalous sub-diffusion equation

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Suitable Numerical Procedure

The local meshless collocation method for numerical simulation of shallow water waves based on generalized equal width (GEW) equation

Implementation of a standard stream-upwind stabilization scheme in the element-free Galerkin based solution of advection-dominated heat transfer problems during solidification in direct chill casting processes

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Advanced Numerical Procedure

COM3D: Turbulent Combustion Code User’s Guides

Analytical Assessment of Power of Composite Flash Geothermal Systems

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Simple Numerical Procedure

Condition-based critical level policy for spare parts inventory management

A hybrid product-multi-scale model for magneto-elastic behavior of soft magnetic materials

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Different Numerical Procedure

Numerical methods to predict human induced vibrations on low frequency stairs. Part 1: Literature review, modelling

Sample preparation of dense granular materials Influence of void ratio e and coordination number Z* on the mechanical behaviour at failure

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Innovative Numerical Procedure

Capacity assessment of masonry arches on moving supports in large displacements: Numerical model and experimental validation

Numerical analysis of fractional viscoelastic column based on shifted Chebyshev wavelet function

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Simplified Numerical Procedure

An accessible calculation method of the bearing capacity of shallow foundations on anisotropic rock masses

A quantitative analysis of the effect of end plate of fully-grouted bolts on the global stability of tunnel

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within General Numerical Procedure

Accelerated Reduced Gradient Algorithm for Solving the Inverse Kinematic Task of Redundant Open Kinematic Chains

The effect of lubricant film on the dynamic response and signal transmission of moving load dynamic problems

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Present Numerical Procedure

Lattice Boltzmann simulations of bubble interactions on GPU cluster

Vibration analysis of FG cylindrical shell: Evaluation of Ritz-polynomial mixed with ring terms

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Common Numerical Procedure

Shallow tunnel face stability analysis using finite elements

Literal Solutions for Optimal Design of Microwave Absorbing Composites

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Effective Numerical Procedure

Application of a Generalized Secant Method to Nonlinear Equations with Complex Roots

An approximate solution of the affine-quadratic control problem based on the concept of optimal damping

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Developed Numerical Procedure

Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Distribution Generated in an Semi-Anechoic Chamber in Aspect of RF Harvesters Testing

On the mechanical behavior of two directional symmetrical functionally graded beams under moving load

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within Adopted Numerical Procedure

Comprehensive study of thermophoretic diffusion deposition velocity effect on heat and mass transfer of ferromagnetic fluid flow along a stretching cylinder

Impacts of Stefan blowing and mass convention on flow of Maxwell nanofluid of variable thermal conductivity about a rotating disk

Numerical Procedure sentence examples within numerical procedure adapt

Efficient computation of coordinate-free models of flame fronts


Numerical Procedure sentence examples within numerical procedure could

A Chebyshev collocation based sequential matrix exponential method for the generalized density evolution equation

Identification of strain localization-induced failure in hot-rolled steel sheets: A hybrid numerical–experimental approach to the virtual forming limit test

Numerical procedures for the analysis of collapse mechanisms of masonry structures using discrete element modelling

Coherent $H^{\infty}$ Control for Linear Quantum Systems With Uncertainties in the Interaction Hamiltonian

ISPH modeling and investigation of the effect of viscosity variations on the fluids mixing in a micro-channel due to oscillation of a circular cylinder

Brief Outline of the Equations of Fluid Flow

More Numerical Procedure 수치 절차 sentence examples

Determination method and strain-attribute interact in the calculation of precompression stress from soil compression curves

Approach to the assessment of the financial and accounting risks with digital economy conditions for projects (representation)

Control of stationary convective instabilities in the rotating disk boundary layer via time-periodic modulation

Smooth, cusped and sharp shock waves in a one-dimensional model of a microfluidic drop ensemble

Heat capacity ratio in liquids at high pressure

Recovering multiple fractional orders in time-fractional diffusion in an unknown medium

More Numerical Procedure 수치 절차 sentence examples

Slip flow of micropolar nanofluid over a porous rotating disk with motile microorganisms, nonlinear thermal radiation and activation energy

Structural design guidelines for Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) used in hydrocarbon industry

Thermo-mechanical Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction for Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Numerical identification of relaxation kernels of orthogonally reinforced carbon fibre/epoxy composite

Numerical investigation on reduction of valve flow noise in high pressure gas pipe using perforated plates

Time and Frequency Domain Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Mooring

On the necessity of including vapor kinetics to model the specific surface area evolution in snow

On the minimum-norm solution of convex quadratic programming

Modeling of Newtonian and non-Newtonian-based coolants for deployment in industrial length-scale shell and tube heat exchanger

Solving Schrödinger Bridges via Maximum Likelihood

Optimization of a periodic inspection strategy to reduce the impact caused by continued degradation on the environment

A discrete differential geometry-based approach to buckling and vibration analyses of inhomogeneous Reddy plates

Surface smoothing for topological optimized 3D models

Ghost-point based radial basis function collocation methods with variable shape parameters

Numerical Computations for One Class of Dynamical Mathematical Models in Quasi-Sobolev Space

Study of irregular dynamics in an economic model: attractor localization and Lyapunov exponents

Mechanism of Solute and Thermal Characteristics in a Casson Hybrid Nanofluid Based with Ethylene Glycol Influenced by Soret and Dufour Effects

An experimental and straightforward approach to simultaneously estimate temperature-dependent thermophysical properties of metallic materials

Hygrothermal performance of a new aerogel-based insulating render through weathering: Impact on building energy efficiency

Mode III critical distance determination with optimized V-notched specimen under torsional fatigue and size effects on the inverse search probability distribution

The dynamics of water micro-particles in air

Plastic analysis of steel arches and framed structures with various cross sections

Computational bifurcation analysis for hyperelastic residually stressed tubes under combined inflation and extension and aneurysms in arterial tissue

A fast and efficient tool to study the rheology of dense suspensions

Free vibrations of laminate plates with viscoelastic layers using the refined zig-zag theory – Part 2. Numerical analysis

Option pricing for rice by using Feynman path integral

Vibro-acoustic performance of steel–concrete composite and prestressed concrete box girders subjected to train excitations

TFA and HS based homogenization techniques for nonlinear composites

Short-Term Interest Rate Estimation by Filtering in a Model Linking Inflation, the Central Bank and Short-Term Interest Rates

Determining optimum carvacrol treatment as a cardinal value of a secondary model.

Experimental p-y curves for liquefied soils from centrifuge tests

Numerical Simulation of Hardfacing Remanufacturing for Large-Scale Damaged Grinding Roller

A Case Study on Unreinforced and Geogrid-Reinforced Working Platform Design by Finite Element Method

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Effects of Hydrodynamic Slip on Rotating Magneto-Electro-Osmotic Flow through a Periodic Microfluidic System

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