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Numerical Prediction sentence examples within showed good agreement

Design of a single degree of freedom acoustic liner for a fan noise test rig

Effects of the internal structures of monolith ceramic substrates on thermal and hydraulic properties: additive manufacturing, numerical modelling and experimental testing

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within advanced water injection

Mechanism of advanced water injection and its application in Yuan A well area

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within Comparing Numerical Prediction

Modeling of fluid flow, carbohydrate digestion, and glucose absorption in human small intestine

A Rate-dependent Continuum Damage Model for Dynamic Shear Debonding of CFRP-concrete Interface

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Numerical Prediction sentence examples within Accurate Numerical Prediction

Numerical investigation on ultra-high-lift low-pressure turbine cascade aerodynamics at low Reynolds numbers using transition-based turbulence models

An efficient three-dimensional damage-based nonlocal model for dynamic tensile failure in concrete

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within Corresponding Numerical Prediction

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Burst Resistance of Glass-Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Pipes under Internal Pressure

Thermal modeling of full-size-scale cylindrical battery pack cooled by channeled liquid flow

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within Present Numerical Prediction

Effect of Atomic Oxygen on LEO CubeSat

A review on fundamental combustion characteristics of syngas mixtures and feasibility in combustion devices

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within numerical prediction model

Prediction of the temperature profiles for shallow ground in cold region and cold winter hot summer region of China

Initialized Earth System prediction from subseasonal to decadal timescales

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within numerical prediction result

Maritime tropical cyclone based on machine learning and marketing strategy in coastal areas

CFD numerical simulations of inertia stopping of a very large gas carrier using overset grid technology and body-force propeller

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within numerical prediction system

Sea Ice Concentration from the RADARSAT Constellation Mission for Numerical Sea Ice Prediction

Assimilation Impact of Early FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 GNSS Radio Occultation Data with Taiwan’s CWB Global Forecast System

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within numerical prediction method

Concurrent numerical implementation of vibration correlation technique for fast buckling load prediction of cylindrical shells under combined loading conditions

Application of Machine-Learning-Based Fusion Model in Visibility Forecast: A Case Study of Shanghai, China

Numerical Prediction sentence examples within numerical prediction tool

PIV-Based Hydrodynamic Analysis of a 2D Lifting Body Using Near-Field Flow Kinematics

Comprehensive Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Prognostic Value of an EMT-Related Gene Signature in Colorectal Cancer

Morphological effects of a hydraulic lifting dam on the middle Fenhe River, China

Insights into the evaporation characteristics of saliva droplets and aerosols: Levitation experiments and numerical modeling

An experimental and numerical study of the influence of viscosity on the behavior of dam-break flow

Constitutive response predictions of both dense and loose soils with a discrete element model

Nonlinear vertical accelerations and mooring loads of a semi-submersible offshore fish farm under extreme conditions

A broadband acoustic panel based on double-layer membrane-type metamaterials

Why Is It Still Difficult to Make Accurate Prediction of the Warpage after Advanced Molding Processes?

A reactive hydrodynamic simulation of noise propagation for a concrete-confined detonation

A Computational Framework for Pre-Interventional Planning of Peripheral Arteriovenous Malformations.

Numerical Prediction of the Large-Scale in Situ PRACLAY Heater Test in the Boom Clay

Comparison of the effects of leakage flow from guide vanes of different hydrofoils using alternative clearance gap approach

An integrated numerical model for the chamber-turbine system of an oscillating water column wave energy converter

Axial and lateral crushing performance of plate-lattice filled square sandwich tubes

RANS studies of hydrogen-enrichment premixed turbulent flames

Predictions of the elastic modulus of trabecular bone in the femoral head and the intertrochanter: a solitary wave-based approach.

The effect of surfactant concentrations and surface material on heat transfer coefficient in nucleate boiling regime

Aerodynamic noise of high-speed train pantographs: Comparisons between field measurements and an updated component-based prediction model

Sustainable manufacturing of ultra-fine aluminium alloy 6101 wires using controlled high levels of mechanical strain and finite element modeling

Numerical study of ElectroAeroDynamic force and current resulting from ionic wind in emitter/collector systems

Multiscale methodology for microbial fuel cell performance analysis

Integrated-scale prediction of radiative properties of open-cell metal foam based on the pore-scale transfer and microscopic morphology of ligaments

Numerical Modelling and Optimisation of Reverberation Cutback for Packed Spheres

A high-order well-balanced weighted compact nonlinear scheme for solving the pollutant transport model

Accuracy analysis of spatial overconstrained extendible support structures considering geometric errors, joint clearances and link flexibility

Rate-dependent adhesion of viscoelastic contacts. Part II: Numerical model and hysteresis dissipation

Aluminium SHS and RHS subjected to biaxial bending: Experimental testing, modelling and design recommendations

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Reduced complexity solidification models

Effect of initial stiffness on the behaviour of two geotechnical structures: An embankment and a tunnel

Efficient shear retrofitting of reinforced concrete beams using prestressed deep embedded bars

Three-Dimensional Spatial Distribution of Non-metallic Inclusions on the Entire Cross Section of a Steel Continuous Casting Slab

Dynamic Response of an End-Supported Pontoon Bridge due to Wave Excitation: Numerical Predictions versus Measurements

Influence of standoff distance on the deformation of square steel plates subjected to internal blast loadings

Forming defects prediction in cup drawing and embossing of a thick steel sheet

Phase Change Materials and Power Engineering

An analytical study on fluid flow characteristics for flow within a microchannel of rectangular cross section

CFD prediction of ship-bank interaction for KCS under extreme conditions

Influence of the orthotropic behaviour on defects prediction in cup drawing, reverse redrawing and expansion

The Virtual Nose: Assessment of Static Nasal Airway Obstruction Using Computational Simulations and 3D-Printed Models.

A mechanistic model for creep lifetime of ferritic steels: Application to Grade 91

A breakthrough instrument for wide-range wavelength and angle resolved light scattering measurements of high performances optical coatings

Experimental and low-dimensional numerical study on the application of conventional NOx reduction methods in pulse detonation combustion

Single-shot observation of breathers from noise-induced modulation instability using heterodyne temporal imaging.

A numerical method to compute global resonant vibrations of ships at forward speed in oblique waves

Progressive failure of ductile metals: Description via a three-dimensional coupled CZM–XFEM based approach

Detailed simulations of the DLR auto-igniting pulsed jet experiment

Design and Performance Prediction of a Compact MmNi4.6Al0.4 based Hydrogen Storage System

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Numerical Prediction 수치 예측

Numerical Prediction 수치 예측
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