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Efficient and energy stable scheme for the hydrodynamically coupled three components Cahn-Hilliard phase-field model using the stabilized-Invariant Energy Quadratization (S-IEQ) Approach

Highly efficient and linear numerical schemes with unconditional energy stability for the anisotropic phase-field crystal model

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Robust utility maximization under model uncertainty via a penalization approach

Neural minimization methods (NMM) for solving variable order fractional delay differential equations (FDDEs) with simulated annealing (SA)

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Over-approximating reachable tubes of linear time-varying systems

Numerical Solution of Two-Dimensional Fredholm-Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind

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Numerical analysis of degenerate Kolmogorov equations of constrained stochastic Hamiltonian systems

Stationary Mean-Field Games with Congestion

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A local radial basis function differential quadrature semi-discretisation technique for the simulation of time-dependent reaction-diffusion problems

A Conservative Flux Optimization Finite Element Method for Convection-diffusion Equations

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Gauss–Christoffel quadrature for inverse regression: applications to computer experiments

New directional vector limiters for discontinuous Galerkin methods

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A Markov chain model of cancer treatment

Mutual Information of Wireless Channels and Block-Jacobi Ergodic Operators

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Finite Volume Method for a System of Continuity Equations Driven by Nonlocal Interactions

Insensitizing controls for a semilinear parabolic equation: A numerical approach

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Numerical solution to highly nonlinear neutral-type stochastic differential equation

Implicit numerical solutions to neutral-type stochastic systems with superlinearly growing coefficients

Numerical Approximations sentence examples within Yield Numerical Approximations

Frequency domain integrals for stability preservation in Galerkin-type projection-based model order reduction

A Multilevel Monte Carlo Method for High-Dimensional Uncertainty Quantification of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Devices

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Evaluation Formula and Approximation for Wiener Integrals via the Fourier-Type Functional

A weak Galerkin finite element method for the Navier-Stokes equations

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A Fractional-in-Time Prey-Predator Model with Hunting Cooperation: Qualitative Analysis, Stability and Numerical Approximations

Power series solution of the fractional logistic equation

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Second-order cone optimization of the gradostat

On the Tip–Path-Plane Flapping Angles Estimation for Small–Scale Flybarless Helicopters at Near–Hover

Space-time Euler discretization schemes for the stochastic 2D Navier-Stokes equations

Safety-first portfolio selection

An asymptotic-preserving 2D-2P relativistic Drift-Kinetic-Equation solver for runaway electron simulations in axisymmetric tokamaks

Approximation of linear one dimensional partial differential equations including fractional derivative with non-singular kernel

Classification of the Real Roots of the Quartic Equation and their Pythagorean Tunes

Uncertainty quantification for Markov Random Fields

On nonlinear problems of parabolic type with implicit constitutive equations involving flux

A proof that deep artificial neural networks overcome the curse of dimensionality in the numerical approximation of Kolmogorov partial differential equations with constant diffusion and nonlinear drift coefficients

Bidirectional wavefront transfer function lens

Dynamical Strategy to Control the Accuracy of the Nonlinear Bio-Mathematical Model of Malaria Infection

Numerical approximation of 1D and 2D non-linear Schrödinger equations by implementing modified cubic Hyperbolic B-spline based DQM

A new semi-analytical solution of bending, buckling and free vibration of functionally graded plates using scaled boundary finite element method

Pseudospectral optimal train control

The Schrödinger-KdV equation of fractional order with Mittag-Leffler nonsingular kernel

Theoretical analysis of SWCNT- MWCNT/ H 2 O hybrid flow over an upward/downward moving rotating disk

Numerical simulation for clustering and pattern formation in active colloids with mass-preserving characteristic finite element method


Solution of two-dimensional elasticity problems using a high-accuracy boundary element method

Stochastic evolutionary game analysis of e-waste recycling in environmental regulation from the perspective of dual governance system

General stigmatic surfaces.

A parallel unstructured mesh model for simulations of stratified flows

Asymptotic stability of porous-elastic system with thermoelasticity of type III

Theory and analysis of acoustic-gravity waves in a free-surface compressible and stratified ocean

Consistent approximation of fractional order operators

Subdivision Collocation Method for One-Dimensional Bratu’s Problem

Overcoming the curse of dimensionality for some Hamilton–Jacobi partial differential equations via neural network architectures

An implementation of the weighted essential non-oscillatory scheme for numerical approximations of the pressureless gas dynamics equations

Reverse Engineering of Option Pricing: An AI Application

Fourier approximation of the statistical properties of Anosov maps on tori.

On the synchronization phenomenon of a parallel array of spin torque nano-oscillators

Stabilization of coupled convection-diffusion-reaction equations for continuum dislocation transport

Geometrical Elaboration of Auxetic Structures

Optimal periodic structures with general space group symmetries in the Ohta-Kawasaki problem

The Foundations of Verification in Modeling and Simulation

Collocation Methods for Cauchy Problems of Elliptic Operators via Conditional Stabilities

Numerical approximations to a fractional Kawarada quenching problem

Effect of different discretizations on the numerical solution of 2D aggregation population balance equation

Approximate solutions and conservation laws of the periodic base temperature of convective longitudinal fins in thermal conductivity

Rectified deep neural networks overcome the curse of dimensionality for nonsmooth value functions in zero-sum games of nonlinear stiff systems

Existence, uniqueness, and numerical approximations for stochastic Burgers equations

Symmetry analysis, exact solutions and numerical approximations for the space-time Carleman equation in nonlinear dynamical systems


Geometric Structures and Numerical Schemes for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations

A Discrete Grönwall Inequality with Applications to Numerical Schemes for Subdiffusion Problems

Some soliton-type analytical solutions and numerical simulation of nonlinear Schrödinger equation

MLPrivacyGuard: Defeating Confidence Information based Model Inversion Attacks on Machine Learning Systems

A modified time-fractional diffusion equation and its finite difference method: Regularity and error analysis

Coding-theorem like behaviour and emergence of the universal distribution from resource-bounded algorithmic probability

Transfer operator approach to ray-tracing in circular domains.

Implementation of peridynamic beam and plate formulations in finite element framework

Strong Convergence of the Linear Implicit Euler Method for the Finite Element Discretization of Semilinear non-Autonomous SPDEs Driven by Multiplicative or Additive Noise

3D-based hierarchical models and hpq-approximations for adaptive finite element method of Laplace problems as exemplified by linear dielectricity

Analysis of nonlinear stochastic oscillations in the biochemical Goldbeter model

Generalised effective cosmology from group field theory

Spreading speeds and traveling waves for monotone systems of impulsive reaction-diffusion equations: application to tree-grass interactions in fire-prone savannas

Runge-Kutta Semidiscretizations for Stochastic Maxwell Equations with Additive Noise

Técnicas adaptativas baseadas em estimativas de erro a posteriori para o Método dos Elementos Finitos Generalizados e suas versões estáveis

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