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Prediction accuracy measures for time-to-event models with left-truncated and right-censored data

Deep Boltzmann machine for nonlinear system modelling

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Novel Weight Mapping Method for Reliable NVM based Neural Network

HSC: A Hybrid Spin/CMOS Logic Based In-Memory Engine with Area-Efficient Mapping Strategy

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Observer-Based Fault Tolerant Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems via Filter and Neural Network

Dynamic Learning From Adaptive Neural Control for Discrete-Time Strict-Feedback Systems.

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A Video Case Report of Gastric Perforation Following Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty and its Surgical Treatment

SAT-096 Later Timing of Energy Intake Associates with Higher Fat Mass in Adults with Overweight and Obesity

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Lift observation conveys object weight distribution but partly enhances predictive lift planning.

Improving Reliability of ReRAM-Based DNN Implementation through Novel Weight Distribution

Hybrid-order Network Consensus for Distributed Multi-agent Systems

A Many-Objective Optimization Based Intelligent Intrusion Detection Algorithm for Enhancing Security of Vehicular Networks in 6G

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WSG-InV: Weighted State Graph Model for Intrusion Detection on In-Vehicle Network

The unknown knowns: a graph-based approach for temporal COVID-19 literature mining

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Revisiting Document Representations for Large-Scale Zero-Shot Learning

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Predictive Risk Analysis using Deep Learning in Indian Traffic

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Impact of Model Ensemble On the Fairness of Classifiers in Machine Learning

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Assessing urban ecosystem services in support of spatial planning in the Hague, the Netherlands

Comorbidity Pattern Analysis for Predicting Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Multi-feature fusion for high-speed railway propagation scene recognition based on LSTM networks

Systematic review on the instruments used for measuring the association of the level of multimorbidity and clinically important outcomes

WR-SVM Model Based on the Margin Radius Approach for Solving the Minimum Enclosing Ball Problem in Support Vector Machine Classification

Forced waves of reaction-diffusion model with density-dependent dispersal in shifting environments

Hierarchical Taxonomy-Aware and Attentional Graph Capsule RCNNs for Large-Scale Multi-Label Text Classification

Salient object detection via a boundary-guided graph structure

New Synonyms Extraction Model Based on a Novel Terms Weighting Scheme

Development of a Novel Weighted Ranking Method for Immunohistochemical Quantification of a Heterogeneously Expressed Protein in Gastro-Esophageal Cancers

End-to-End Learning for Uplink MU-SIMO Joint Transmitter and Non-Coherent Receiver Design in Fading Channels

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Makeup Style Transfer on Low-quality Images with Weighted Multi-scale Attention

RV-GAN: Segmenting Retinal Vascular Structure in Fundus Photographs Using a Novel Multi-scale Generative Adversarial Network

Context-aware incremental learning-based method for personalized human activity recognition

Weighted Multi-Kernel Prediction Network for Burst Image Super-Resolution

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ScreenSeg: On-Device Screenshot Layout Analysis

Self-Augmentation: Generalizing Deep Networks to Unseen Classes for Few-Shot Learning

Novel Weight-Based Approach for Soil Moisture Content Estimation via Synthetic Aperture Radar, Multispectral and Thermal Infrared Data Fusion

A weighted multi-feature transfer learning framework for intelligent medical decision making

Towards open-set touchless palmprint recognition via weight-based meta metric learning

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Assessing improved risk prediction of rheumatoid arthritis by environmental, genetic, and metabolomic factors.

Feature Linkage Weight Based Feature Reduction using Fuzzy Clustering Method

Small sample state of health estimation based on weighted Gaussian process regression

Weighted bilateral K-means algorithm for fast co-clustering and fast spectral clustering

Double‐weighted fuzzy clustering with samples and generalized entropy features

Decentralized Connectivity Maintenance for Multi-robot Systems Under Motion and Sensing Uncertainties

EnTSSR: a weighted ensemble learning method to impute single-cell RNA sequencing data.

Method for Essential Protein Prediction Based on a Novel Weighted Protein-Domain Interaction Network

Multivariate transcriptome analysis identifies networks and key drivers of chronic lymphocytic leukemia relapse risk and patient survival

Compound-Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery: A Fused Imbalance Learning Method

A Fuzzy Logic Based Piezoresistive/Piezoelectric Fusion Algorithm for Carbon Nanocomposite Wide Band Strain Sensor

Weighted Feature Histogram of Multi-Scale Local Patch Using Multi-Bit Binary Descriptor for Face Recognition

Squeeze-and-Excitation network-Based Radar Object Detection With Weighted Location Fusion

A novel weighted anisotropic total variational model for image applications

Weighted Homology of Bi-Structures over Certain Discrete Valuation Rings

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Novel Weight 소설 무게

Novel Weight 소설 무게
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