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Investigating the impacts of climate change on ecosystem services in UK agro-ecosystems: An application of the DPSIR framework

A facile synthesis of TiO2/BiOCl and TiO2/BiOCl/La2O3 heterostructure photocatalyst for enhanced charge separation efficiency with improved UV-light catalytic activity towards Rhodamine B and Reactive Yellow 86

A scalable mass customisation design process for 3D-printed respirator mask to combat COVID-19

How to Build an Effective Professional Network on Linkedin: Some Data-Driven Insights

Remote Health Patient Monitoring System for Early Detection of Heart Disease

Development, validation and evaluation of a patient information booklet for rectal cancer survivors with a stoma: A three-step approach.

Fe3O4@SiO2-SO3H-DABCO: A novel magnetically retrievable bifunctional catalyst for ecofriendly synthesis of diheteroarylmethanes

Does Reassessment Enhance the Prediction of Imminent Criminal Recidivism? Replicating Lloyd et al. (2020) With High-Risk Parolees.

DeepCOMBI: explainable artificial intelligence for the analysis and discovery in genome-wide association studies

A three-step hybrid specification approach to error prevention

Low-temperature sintering of KNN-based lead free ceramics

A complementary unsupervised load disaggregation method for residential loads at very low sampling rate data

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Toxic-free surface level sulphur doped 1D Ti-Ox-Sy nanorods for superstrate heterojunction CZTS thin-film solar cells

Convolutional Neural Network-Based Bayesian Gaussian Mixture for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery

Differential gene expression and co-regulated expression of genes in leukemia: an in-silico approach to identify potent biomarker

Diastereoselective Synthesis of Functionalised 5-Amino-3,4-Dihydro-2H-Pyrrole-2-Carboxylic Acid Esters: One-Pot Approach Using Commercially Available Compounds and Benign Solvents.

Novel Si/SiGe fin on insulator fabrication on bulk-Si substrate

Concentrating and recycling of high-concentration printing and dyeing wastewater by a disc tube reverse osmosis-Fenton oxidation/low temperature crystallization process

Mapping Artificial Intelligence in Education Research: a Network‐based Keyword Analysis

Comparison with Navigation of a Novel Three-Step Technique for Improving Accuracy of the Distal Femoral Resection during Conventional TKA: A Case-Control Study.

A Novel Three-Step Classification Approach Based on Time-Dependent Spectral Features for Complex Power Quality Disturbances

A three-step machine learning framework for energy profiling, activity state prediction and production estimation in smart process manufacturing

Neural Networks, the Treasury Yield Curve, and Recession Forecasting

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Novel Three Step 소설 3단계

Novel Three Step 소설 3단계
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