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Progress and Challenges in the Use of a Liver-on-a-Chip for Hepatotropic Infectious Diseases

The Brain in Motion II Study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of an aerobic exercise intervention for older adults at increased risk of dementia

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Multiomic Profiling in Black and White Populations Reveals Novel Candidate Pathways in Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Incident Heart Failure Specific to Black Adults

Comparing quality of life outcomes of JAK inhibitors and biological treatments for atopic dermatitis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

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Protective genes and pathways in Alzheimer’s disease: moving towards precision interventions

Novel genetic variants associated with brain functional networks in 18,445 adults from the UK Biobank

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RhoA and Cdc42 in T cells: Are they targetable for T cell-mediated inflammatory diseases?

Mendelian Randomization in Stroke: A Powerful Approach to Causal Inference and Drug Target Validation

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CoffeeProt: an online tool for correlation and functional enrichment of systems genetics data


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Brillouin confocal microscopy to determine biomechanical properties of SULEEI-treated bovine pericardium for application in cardiac surgery.

Chemistry of pulses—macronutrients

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Correlation AnalyzeR: functional predictions from gene co-expression correlations

Selective and marked blockade of endothelial sprouting behavior using paclitaxel and related pharmacologic agents.

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Single-cell immune profiling with TCR clonotype barcoding identifies biomarker signatures that predict response to immune checkpoint blockade

Integrated decoding hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis using single-cell sequencing and its medical implication

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Integrative Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Distinctive Molecular Traits and Novel Subtypes of Collecting Duct Carcinoma

Integrative multi-omics analysis of childhood aggressive behavior

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CryoDiscovery: a machine learning platform for automated cryo-electron microscopy 2D class selection

Bioinformatics and system biology approaches to identify pathophysiological impact of COVID-19 to the progression and severity of neurological diseases

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Neutrophilic dermatoses with unusual and atypical presentations.

Oncologic Emergencies: Traditional and Contemporary.

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Predictors of Transplant-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy in Patients With Overlap or Chronic Graft-vs-Host-Disease.

Strategies Targeting Type 2 Inflammation: From Monoclonal Antibodies to JAK-Inhibitors

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The Brain in Motion II Study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of an aerobic exercise intervention for older adults at increased risk of dementia

The Brain in Motion II Study: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial of an Aerobic Exercise Intervention for Older Adults at Increased Risk of Dementia

Genome-Wide Variation in Betacoronaviruses

BOP1 Knockdown Attenuates Neointimal Hyperplasia by Activating p53 and Inhibiting Nascent Protein Synthesis

LPS decreases CFTR open probability and mucociliary transport through generation of reactive oxygen species

Protein Transfer through an F Plasmid-Encoded Type IV Secretion System Suppresses the Mating-Induced SOS Response

Categories convey prescriptive information across domains and development.

Checkpoint Inhibitors and Hepatotoxicity

The Advanced Practitioner’s Role in Treating Patients With Hematologic Malignancies: Highlights From SOHO 2020

Integration of peripheral transcriptomics, genomics, and interactomics following trauma identifies causal genes for symptoms of post-traumatic stress and major depression

Potential and Prophylactic Use of Plants Containing Saponin-Type Compounds as Antibiofilm Agents against Respiratory Tract Infections

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Novel biotechnological substances in higher plants

Effects of Growth and Differentiation Factor 9 (GDF9) and Bone Morphogenetic Protein 15 (BMP15) overexpression on the steroidogenic metabolism in bovine granulosa cells in vitro.

Serotonin Heteroreceptor Complexes and Their Integration of Signals in Neurons and Astroglia—Relevance for Mental Diseases

Comparison of gene expression and activation of transcription factors in organoid-derived monolayer intestinal epithelial cells and organoids.

Novel uric acid-based nano organocatalyst with phosphorous acid tags: Application for synthesis of new biologically-interest pyridines with indole moieties via a cooperative vinylogous anomeric based oxidation

Pediatric problematic severe asthma: Recent advances in management

Metagenomic Approach in Relation to Plant–Microbe and Microbe–Microbe Interactions

Comparability of Biologics: Global Principles, Evidentiary Consistency and Unrealized Reliance

Evolving treatment paradigms in esophageal cancer.

Alternaria toxins-Still emerging?

Genome-wide gene-smoking interaction study identified novel susceptibility loci for non-small cell lung cancer in Chinese populations.

Investigation of toxicity attenuation mechanism of tetrahydroxy stilbene glucoside in Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. by Ganoderma lucidum.

Editorial: Synthetic Nucleic Acids for Expanding Genetic Codes and Probing Living Cells

DNA nanotechnology-empowered nanoscopic imaging of biomolecules.

MicroRNAs in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma: A State of the Art Review of the Regulatory Mechanisms and Future Perspectives

Marine microorganisms as an untapped source of bioactive compounds

Oral corticosteroids stewardship for asthma in adults and adolescents: A position paper from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of CF3Se‐Substituted α‐Amino Acid Derivatives

The incentive circuit: memory dynamics in the mushroom body of Drosophila melanogaster

Insights into detoxification of tolaasins, the toxins behind mushroom bacterial blotch, by Microbacterium foliorum NBRC 103072T

Increased Incidence of IKZF1 deletions and IGH-CRLF2 translocations in B-ALL of Hispanic/Latino children—a novel health disparity

A liquid-culture-based screening approach to study compounds affecting inflammatory processes in Caenorhabditis elegans

Evolving trends in ovarian cancer treatment in the US between 2011 and 2019: less surgery and more biologics?

ROS Signaling-Mediated Novel Biological Targets: Brf1 and RNA Pol III Genes

Improving Psychiatric Care Through Integrated Digital Technologies

San1 deficiency leads to cardiomyopathy due to excessive R-loop-associated DNA damage and cardiomyocyte hypoplasia.

Endurance training alleviates MCP-1 and TERRA accumulation at old age in human skeletal muscle

Cell membrane rupture: a novel test reveals significant variations among different brands of tissue culture flasks

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