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Population Development and Infestation Rate Of Codling Moth (Cydia Pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)) In Apple Orchards in Northern Kyrgyzstan

Bride kidnapping in Northern Kyrgyzstan as the initial stage of subjectivity-forming process Bride kidnapping in Northern

Death by the Lake: Mortality Crisis in Early Fourteenth-Century Central Asia

Three new species of Scythrididae from the northern Tien-Shan Mountains (Lepidoptera: Scythrididae).

Assessment of the possibility of implementing the GLOBAL G.A.P. standard in selected beanproducing farms in western Kyrgyzstan

Кокчетау-Иссыккульский террейн Казахстанского палеоконтинента и его палеоширотное положение в ордовике

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Northern Kyrgyzstan 북부 키르기스스탄

Northern Kyrgyzstan 북부 키르기스스탄
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