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Implementation of the Identification and Referral to Improve Safety programme for patients with experience of domestic violence and abuse: A theory‐based mixed‐method process evaluation

‘Participation is integral’: understanding the levers and barriers to the implementation of community participation in primary healthcare: a qualitative study using normalisation process theory

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Healthcare professionals’ perspective on treatment burden and patient capacity in low-income rural populations: challenges and opportunities

Implementation of remote consulting in UK primary care following the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods longitudinal study

Identifying talent: public organisation with skewed performance scores

Inflammatory bowel disease integral care units: Evaluation of a nationwide quality certification programme. The GETECCU experience

Algebraic Structures on Typed Decorated Rooted Trees

Normalizace rusistiky na Filozofické fakultě Univerzity Karlovy

BVAR models in short-term prediction of modern central banks: empirical evidence of the euro area

The Solar Radius at 37 GHz through Cycles 22 to 24

Ship performance monitoring dedicated to biofouling analysis: Development on a small size research catamaran

Problematising the peacebuilding strategies through embedded and situated research in Pyla

Misleading Westerns: Common Quantification Mistakes in Western Blot Densitometry and Proposed Corrective Measures

Abstract P6-05-02: Identification of microRNAs differentially expressed in brain metastasis secondary to breast cancer

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Normalisation Process 정규화 과정

Normalisation Process 정규화 과정
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