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A new 3D stress MRI measurement strategy to quantify surgical correction of prolapse in three support systems.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Multidetector Computed Tomography Evaluation of Craniovertebral Junction Abnormalities

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85. Hematometrocolpos due to Graft versus Host Disease in Two Young Patients: Case Reports and a Review of the Literature

Transverse vaginal septum managed by simple flap surgery technique: A case report☆

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Patent foramen ovale and wake-up stroke

The laparoscopic repair of giant diaphragmatic hernia with synthetic mesh: A report of three cases

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Normal Anatomy sentence examples within Restoring Normal Anatomy

A new 3D stress MRI measurement strategy to quantify surgical correction of prolapse in three support systems.

A short term follow up of the complex type IIIB supracondylar femur fracture with intercondylar extension and massive segmental bone loss managed by dual plating –masquelet technique

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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) as a Cause of Facial Nerve Stimulation After Cochlear Implantation: A Case Report.

Extremely viscous stool in a newborn leading to an early diagnosis of a life-long disease

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Case Reports: Management Challenges in Pediatric Germ Cell Tumors

A rare case of sudden death due to IgG4-related giant coronary artery aneurysms.

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Complete thrombosis of the abdominal aorta in a neonate with advanced lower limbs ischemia: Etiological diagnosis, prognosis, and surgical approach

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Assessment of prostate imaging reporting and data system version 2.1 false-positive category 4 and 5 lesions in clinically significant prostate cancer

Endoscopic Transpapillary Gallbladder Drainage in a Patient with Billroth-II Reconstruction

Acute Otitis Media and Facial Paralysis in an Infant with Aural Atresia: Management of a Rare Case.

Advanced Imaging of the Forelimb: Use of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and MRI of the Shoulder and Brachial Plexus.

Neuroanatomical MRI study: reference values for the measurements of brainstem, cerebellar vermis, and peduncles.

A tale of three countries: Three-dimensional printing for procedural simulation in the digital era

Difficult lung separation. An insight into the challenges faced during COVID-19 pandemic

Sectional Anatomy Quiz - VI.

Morphological variations of Caudate and Quadrate lobes of liver: A Clinicoanatomical insight

Incidental Findings in Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Dental Implants in 1,002 Patients.

Identification and treatment of a cervical sinus tract in a patient with 10 years of infertility.

Surgical Technique and Review of Management of Frontoethmoidal Encephalocoele - A Case Report

Continuous Dynamic Mapping of Cranial Nerve Pathways and Long Tracts Inside the Brainstem: Useful Technique of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring


Attenuation Coefficient Estimation for PET/MRI With Bayesian Deep Learning pseudo-CT and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Activity and Attenuation

Catheter ablation for atrial arrhythmias in adults with congenital heart disease: recurrence rates and predictors of acute procedural success

Retromastoid Craniotomy: An Adaptable and Panoramic Approach to the Cerebellopontine Angle.

A novel method of identifying inner ear malformation types by pattern recognition in the mid modiolar section


Pointing in a different direction: a case of bilateral absence of extensor indicis.

Comparison of semi-automated versus manual quantitative right ventricular assessment in tetralogy of Fallot.

Cochlear Implantation in Goldenhar Syndrome

The glenohumeral ligaments: Superior, middle, and inferior: Anatomy, biomechanics, injury, and diagnosis

Reversal to normal anatomy after one-anastomosis/mini gastric bypass, indications and results: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Maxillectomy Reconstruction Revision Using Virtual Surgical Planning and Intraoperative Navigation

Itchy Ears

Small Bowel Obstruction Caused by Tubo-Ovarian Abscess Following Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: A Case Report

Pulmonary valve reconstruction by allograft replacement of underdeveloped anterior leaflet in case of late combined pulmonary restenosis after early primary repair

Trigger point injections for axial back pain in adolescents

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Аугментация уретральной площадки в области головки полового члена и дистальной уретры – эффективный метод коррекции свищей у детей с гипоспадией

Normal Radiologic Anatomy of Female Reproductive System

Hip Imaging and Injections.


Uniquely pediatric upper extremity injuries.

Technical Aspects: Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in a Case of Dextrocardia With Situs Inversus

MRI-guided attenuation correction in torso PET/MRI: Assessment of segmentation-, atlas-, and deep learning-based approaches in the presence of outliers.

Surgical management of horseshoe kidney tumors. Literature review and analysis of two cases.

Commentary: Suture annuloplasty for isolated aortic valve repair: The Holy Grail is yet to be found

Incidental finding of left sided superior vena cava in a patient for tunneled central venous line insertion and review of literature

Postmastectomic lymphedema prevention: modern possibilities


Variations ignored in routine wrist MRI reports: prevalence of the median nerve anatomical variations and persistent median artery.

Pre- and postsurgical imaging findings of abdominal wall hernias based on the European Hernia Society (EHS) classification

A study of the shoulder and elbow joints of the donkey (Equus asinus) by gross anatomical dissection, radiography, computed tomography, and intra-articular injection.

Autoencoders for Unsupervised Anomaly Segmentation in Brain MR Images: A Comparative Study

Anatomy and physiology of anorectum: the hypothesis of fecal retention, and defecation

Pulmonary vein laceration during radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation in a patient with previous robotic-assisted, minimally invasive mitral valve repair

The posterior fibulotalocalcaneal ligament complex: a forgotten ligament

Imaging of Temporal Bone Trauma

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Normal Anatomy 정상 해부학

Normal Anatomy 정상 해부학
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