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Nonlinear Second sentence examples within order differential equation

New Theorems for Oscillations to Differential Equations with Mixed Delays

Diffusion Model for Forecasting Events in News Feeds

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within order ordinary differential

A Self-Adjoint Coupled System of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations with Nonlocal Multi-Point Boundary Conditions on an Arbitrary Domain

Existence and uniqueness of fixed points for monotone operators in partially ordered Banach spaces and applications

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within boundary value problem

Nonlinear second-order delay differential equation


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Nonlinear Second sentence examples within order multi agent

Event-triggered Distributed Formation Control of Second-order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems Subjected to Input Constraints

Time-Varying Formation for Second Order Nonlinear Multi-agent System with Switching Topology and Time Delay

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within order partial differential

Degree for weakly upper semicontinuous perturbations of quasi-m-accretive operators

Nonlinear instability of two streaming-superposed magnetic Reiner-Rivlin Fluids by He-Laplace method

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within ordinary differential equation

Analysis of plastic stress singularities of cracks and wedges under the plane stress conditions

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within Fully Nonlinear Second

Dual-Wind Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Stationary Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Regularized Hamilton-Jacobi Equations

Machine Learning Approximation Algorithms for High-Dimensional Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Second-order Backward Stochastic Differential Equations

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within Strongly Nonlinear Second

Numerical integration of multibody dynamic systems involving nonholonomic equality constraints

Approximate analytic solutions for a chemical tubular reactor model using the Adomian decomposition method

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within Dimensional Nonlinear Second

Micropumps for drug delivery systems: a new semi-linear elliptic boundary-value problem

Information Reconstruction on an Infinite Tree for a $$4\times 4$$-State Asymmetric Model with Community Effects

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within Coupled Nonlinear Second

Prediction and Suppression of Chaotic Instability in Brake Squeal

Collective nonlinear behavior of interacting polydisperse microbubble clusters.

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within nonlinear second order

Computational Nonimaging Geometric Optics: Monge-Ampère

Solving Nonlinear Second Order Delay Eigenvalue Problems By Collocation Method

Nonlinear Second sentence examples within nonlinear second harmonic

Research on Duffing chaotic theory based nonlinear Lamb wave extraction and damage detection

Probing Rotated Weyl Physics on Nonlinear Lithium Niobate-on-Insulator Chips.

Image Denoising using Modified Diffusion Functions on Nonlinear Second-Order Hyperbolic Model

Novel variational technique for mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise filtering

Oscillation of a kind of second-order nonlinear neutral difference equations

Additive-State-Decomposition-Based Repetitive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Multiple Mismatched Disturbances

Compensator-based periodically intermittent control for nonlinear second-order multi-agent systems

PFNN: A Penalty-Free Neural Network Method for Solving a Class of Second-Order Boundary-Value Problems on Complex Geometries

Integrated intelligence of neuro-evolution with sequential quadratic programming for second-order Lane-Emden pantograph models

Nonlinear Shear Effects of the Secondary Current in the 2D Flow Analysis in Meandering Channels with Sharp Curvature

A Bayesian Dynamical Approach for Human Action Recognition

Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic performance of a dual-chamber Oscillating Water Column

Spherical Formation Tracking Control of Nonlinear Second-Order Agents With Adaptive Neural Flow Estimate.

Understanding the seismic response of electrical equipment subjected to high–frequency ground motions

Further developments on boundary-field equation methods for nonlinear transmission problems

Design of Spline–Evolutionary Computing Paradigm for Nonlinear Thin Film Flow Model

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Telecom-compatible LTG-GaAs Photoconductive Antenna Modules with more than 85 dB Peak Dynamic Range

Fabrication and resonance simulation of 3D-printed biocomposite mesoporous implants with different periodic cellular topologies

A neuro-swarming intelligent heuristic for second-order nonlinear Lane–Emden multi-pantograph delay differential system

Solutions to Nonlinear Evolutionary Parabolic Equations of the Diffusion Wave Type

Design of Backpropagated Intelligent Networks for Nonlinear Second-Order Lane–Emden Pantograph Delay Differential Systems

Representation of the Solution of Goursat Problem for Second Order Linear Stochastic Hyperbolic Differential Equations

Non-local second-order boundary value problems with derivative-dependent nonlinearity

The rate of convergence of proximal method of multipliers for second-order cone optimization problems

Existence of positive solutions for a semipositone discrete boundary value problem

Comprehensive characterization of magnetite-based colloid for biomedical applications

Effect of the State Policy of Shipbuilding Development on Sea Freight

Adaptive Consensus of Nonlinearly Parameterized Multi-Agent Systems

Second-order sensitivity coefficient based electrical tomography imaging

An Efficient Reduced-Order Model for Studying Synchronization Stability of Grid-Following Converters during Grid Faults

A qualitative analysis and numerical simulations of a nonlinear second-order anisotropic diffusion problem with non-homogeneous Cauchy-Neumann boundary conditions

Positive solutions for a semipositone nonlocal discrete boundary value problem

Large fluctuations of a Kardar-Parisi-Zhang interface on a half line: The height statistics at a shifted point.

On the Separation Property of Nonlinear Second-Order Differential Operators with Matrix Coefficients in Weighted Spaces

Nonlinear secondary resonance of nanobeams under subharmonic and superharmonic excitations including surface free energy effects

A Qualitative Analysis of a Nonlinear Second-Order Anisotropic Diffusion Problem with Non-homogeneous Cauchy–Stefan–Boltzmann Boundary Conditions

Existence of at Least One Homoclinic Solution for a Nonlinear Second-Order Difference Equation

Existence of nonoscillatory solutions of second-order nonlinear neutral differential equations with distributed deviating arguments

Nonlinear Diffusion-Based Image Restoration Models

Nonlinear Second-Order Topological Insulators.

Nonlinear Moment Matching for the Simulation-Free Reduction of Structural Systems

Rotavirus VP6 protein as a bio-electrochemical scaffold: Molecular dynamics and experimental electrochemistry.

Second-order consensus for heterogeneous multi-agent systems with input constraints

A nonlinear second-order filtering strategy for state estimation of uncertain systems

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Active Power Sharing and Frequency Restoration in an Autonomous Networked Microgrid

Existence of positive solutions for a system of semipositone coupled discrete boundary value problems

Second-order Anisotropic Diffusion-based Technique for Poisson Noise Removal

Solvability of a one-parameter class of nonlinear second-order difference equations by invariants

An h-p version of the continuous Petrov-Galerkin time stepping method for nonlinear second-order delay differential equations

Reweighted adaptive bilinear filters for an active noise control system with a nonlinear secondary path

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Quasiparticle and excitonic effects in the optical response of KNbO3

Reshaping the Second-Order Polar Response of Hybrid Metal-Dielectric Nanodimers.

Intensity noise suppression of a high-power single-frequency CW laser by controlling the stimulated emission rate.

Anisotropic Diffusion-based Enhancement of Old Historical Photos related to Romanian Centenary

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Nonlinear Second 비선형 초

Nonlinear Second 비선형 초
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