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New optimized flux difference schemes for improving high-order weighted compact nonlinear scheme with applications

Comparison Study of the Fifth-Order WCNS and WENO Scheme In the Truncation Error, Dissipation and Dispersion Terms

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A high-order well-balanced weighted compact nonlinear scheme for solving the pollutant transport model

High Order Semi-Implicit WCNS for 1D Isentropic and Full Euler Equations

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Neural Network Techniques to Solve a Model-Free Scheme for Flow Angle Estimation

A Positive and Energy Stable Numerical Scheme for the Poisson-Nernst-Planck-Cahn-Hilliard Equations with Steric Interactions

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Development of the method of structural-parametric synthesis of the subsystem of interference of special purpose radio communication systems

Nonlinear finite volume discretization for transient diffusion problems on general meshes

Two-grid methods for semi-linear elliptic interface problems by immersed finite element methods

A nonlinear convex splitting fourier spectral scheme for the Cahn–Hilliard equation with a logarithmic free energy

Designing competitive loyalty programs: a stochastic game-theoretic model to guide the choice of reward structure

Non-stoichiometric grain-growth in ZnSe ceramics for χ (2) interaction

Nonlinear stationary subdivision schemes reproducing hyperbolic and trigonometric functions

Unconditionally energy stable fully discrete schemes for a chemo-repulsion model

Nonlinear control for ground-air trajectory tracking by a hybrid vehicle: theory and experiments

Validation of a Novel Lifting-Line Method for Propeller Design and Analysis

Study the Space –Time Variations of Indus River Flow Propagation

A domain association hierarchical decomposition optimization method for cab vibration control of commercial vehicles

On a stable family of four-point nonlinear subdivision schemes eliminating the Gibbs phenomenon

Finite-Time Feedback Linearization (FTFL) Controller Considering Optimal Gains on Mobile Mechanical Manipulators

Convergence analysis of a numerical scheme for the porous medium equation by an energetic variational approach

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Nonlinear Scheme 비선형 방식

Nonlinear Scheme 비선형 방식
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