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Geometry optimization for supercritical water heat transfer enhancement in non-uniformly heated rifled tubes

Interaction of two non-coalescing bubbles rising in a non-isothermal self-rewetting fluid

Dynamics of chemically reactive Jeffery fluid embedded in permeable media along with influence of magnetic field on associated boundary layers under multiple slip conditions

Numerical modeling of the liquid film flow with evaporation on the basis of the generalized interface conditions

Natural convection within a non-uniformly heated cavity partly filled with a shear-thinning nanofluid and partly with air

Thermocapillary instability on a film falling down a non-uniformly heated slippery incline

Numerical Analysis of Natural Convection Driven Flow of a Non-Newtonian Power-Law Fluid in a Trapezoidal Enclosure with a U-Shaped Constructal

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Non Uniformly Heated 비 균일 가열

Non Uniformly Heated 비 균일 가열
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