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Identification of significant genes with invasive promotion in non-functional pituitary adenoma via bioinformatical analysis

Potential biomarkers of miRNA in non-functional pituitary adenomas

A Case of Giant Prolactinoma Characterized by a Nasopharyngeal Extension and Diagnosed by Nasal Cavity Biopsy

In Vivo Characterization of Cortical and White Matter Microstructural Pathology in Growth Hormone-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma

Molecular-metabolic interaction of pituitary-adrenal axis with adrenocorticotropic and glucocorticoid hormone in Cushing’s disease

Corticosteroids Replacement in a Patient With Panhypopituitarism and COVID-19 Infection

Primary intrasellar schwannoma with intratumoral hemorrhage mimicking pituitary apoplexy: a case report.

Evaluation of sex hormone profile and semen parameters in acromegalic male patients

Clinical, pathological and endocrinological evaluation of patients with microscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery

A clinicoradiological analysis of silent corticotroph adenomas after the introduction of pituitary-specific transcription factors

Do We Need Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in All Endoscopic Endonasal Pituitary Adenoma Surgery Cases? A Retrospective Study

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Non Functional Pituitary 비기능성 뇌하수체

Non Functional Pituitary 비기능성 뇌하수체
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