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Limitations of Sa(T1) as an intensity measure when assessing non-ductile infilled RC frame structures

Strengthening of vulnerable RC moment resisting frames using direct internal connection of X-steel bracing

Seismic Retrofitting Effect of RC Buildings using Perimeter Steel Moment Frames

Experimental in-plane seismic strengthening of masonry infilled reinforced concrete frames by engineered cementitious composites (ECC)

Fragility assessment of non-ductile RC frame buildings exposed to combined ground shaking and soil liquefaction considering SSI

Structural seismic damage and loss assessments using a multi-conditioning ground motion selection approach based on an efficient sampling technique

Effect of Aftershock Characteristics on the Fragility Curve of Post-Mainshock RC Frames

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Non Ductile Reinforced 비 연성 강화

Non Ductile Reinforced 비 연성 강화
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