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Short-term effect of fine particulate matter and ozone on non-accidental mortality and respiratory mortality in Lishui district, China

Residing in urban areas with higher green space is associated with lower mortality risk: A census-based cohort study with ten years of follow-up.

Variability in the association between long-term exposure to ambient air pollution and mortality by exposure assessment method and covariate adjustment: A census-based country-wide cohort study.

The association between gaseous pollutants and non-accidental mortality: a time series study

Mortality risk attributable to diurnal temperature range: a multicity study in Yunnan of southwest China

The prospective effects of long-term exposure to ambient PM2.5 and constituents on mortality in rural East China.

HDL-C, longitudinal change and risk of mortality in a Chinese cohort study.

Short-Term Effect of Temperature Change on Non-Accidental Mortality in Shenzhen, China

A Risk Assessment for Ozone Regulation Based on Statistical Rollback

Excess Risk of Mortality Due to Heatwaves in Dezful city, Southwest of Iran

The Mortality Effect of Apparent Temperature: A Multi-City Study in Asia

Trade-offs between short-term mortality attributable to NO2 and O3 changes during the COVID-19 lockdown across major Spanish cities

Hourly temperature variability and mortality in 31 major Chinese cities: Effect modification by individual characteristics, season and temperature zone.

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Non Accidental Mortality 비우발적 사망

Non Accidental Mortality 비우발적 사망
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