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A 79.1dB-SNDR 20MHz-BW 2nd-Order SAR-Assisted Noise-Shaping Pipeline ADC with Gain and Offset Background Calibrations Based on Convergence Enhanced Split-Over-Time Architecture

A 74-dB Dynamic-Range 625-kHz Bandwidth Second-Order Noise-Shaping SAR ADC Utilizing a Temperature-Compensated Dynamic Amplifier and a Digital Mismatch Calibration

27.3 A 13.8-ENOB 0.4pF-CIN 3rd-Order Noise-Shaping SAR in a Single-Amplifier EF-CIFF Structure with Fully Dynamic Hardware-Reusing kT/C Noise Cancelation

An 80dB-SNDR 98dB-SFDR Noise-Shaping SAR ADC with Duty-Cycled Amplifier and Digital-Predicted Mismatch Error Shaping

An 80MHz-BW 640MS/s Time-Interleaved Passive Noise- Shaping SAR ADC in 22nm FDSOI Process

Noise-Shaping SAR ADC Using a Two-Capacitor Digitally Calibrated DAC With 82.6-dB SNDR and 90.9-dB SFDR

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Noise Shaping Sar 노이즈 쉐이핑 Sar

Noise Shaping Sar 노이즈 쉐이핑 Sar
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