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Stable Isotopic Characterization of Nitrate Wet Deposition in the Tropical Urban Atmosphere of Costa Rica

Stable isotopic characterization of nitrate wet deposition in the tropical urban atmosphere of Costa Rica

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Effects of cations on biofilm formation and characteristics in integrated fixed film activated sludge process at different carbon and nitrogen loadings.

A comparison of the ecological effects of two invasive poeciliids and two native fishes: a mesocosm approach

Nitrogen as the main driver of benthic diatom composition and diversity in oligotrophic coastal systems.

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Quantitative identification of nitrate sources in a coastal peri-urban watershed using hydrogeochemical indicators and dual isotopes together with the statistical approaches.

Meeting Water Quality Goals by Spatial Targeting of Best Management Practices under Climate Change

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Nitrogen Loadings 질소 로딩

Nitrogen Loadings 질소 로딩
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